Sell Fiction Like Non-Fiction, Part Two

We have been discussing how non-fiction books are an easier sell than fiction books. Let’s continue that discussion with a few more ways you can adapt a non-fiction style to your marketing and sales plan.


It seems that non-fiction books are published right when people need them most. Or, the content of the book is in unison with what is going on in the news. In short, the book is timely. Subjects like the economy, pinching pennies, and keeping your faith, make great non-fiction books right now. I’ll bet there are things in your current book that relate to worldly concerns. On the other hand, I’ll bet you have content that will distract readers minds from those same worldly concerns. Post that information to your readers.


Non-Fiction authors spend weeks and even months to decide on the best title for their book. They write a hundred titles on the white board and have focus groups choose ones that connect with them the most. Non-Fiction authors take into consideration search engines. For example, if the author wrote a weight loss book, those words will be in their title. “12 Ways to Lose Weight.” When readers do a Google Search, the title appears. Fiction authors should have the same kind of mentality. Think about how your book solves a problem for the reader. If someone searched for that subject on Google, will they discover your book? As a bonus, non-fiction authors make their title easy to remember.

Well Organized

The clearer and more organized a non-fiction book is, the more sales the author will have. Non-Fiction authors like to use bullet points to manage their content. Fiction authors should use power sentences. (A sentence that stands on its own, which excites the reader.) Non-Fiction books also make their content easy to read, with a quick flow in every page. Fiction authors should use short, quick bursting paragraphs and chapters.

Description Engages 

The purpose of a description for a non-fiction book is to engage the reader and make them curious. This is a seven-second commercial to grip the audience to create a sale. Many times, the non-fiction author will select a compelling paragraph from inside the book as their description. Fiction authors need to avoid long descriptions. These days, using the first paragraph of your book can be your best selling point.

Speak the Language

When non-fiction authors research their target audience, they also research speech patterns of their audience. When writing the book, the author adapts the content so the reader feels like it was written just for them. Fiction authors need to think this way when writing their book. Every single reader must feel that you wrote that story just for them. This is why knowing everything about your target audience is absolutely crucial.

Now for the most important factor a non-fiction author considers when marketing and selling their book.


The word different will come up in all marketing posts, comments, blogs, and content flyers. “There are thousands of weight loss books, but mine is different because…” The non-fiction author knows how to finish that statement.

Do you know how many romance novels there are? Vampire storylines? Thrillers? Action/Adventure? Sci-Fi? Children books? Young Adult books? Why is yours different? What does your book have that similar genre’s do not have?

If I met you at an event, you have seven seconds to sell me on your book. Ready, set, go…One Mississippi, two Mississippi…

If I read your description, will it engage me to open the inside of your book?

If I fan through your pages, what kind of feeling will I have about your style?

How will I connect to your book? I don’t know you personally, so why should I trust you?

There are bestselling authors writing in your same genre. Why are you different? What skills have you obtained that far exceeds authors that are similar to you?

What problem are you solving in my life? My time is precious. Why should I spend it reading your novel?

You seem like a nice person, but that is not good enough for me. Why is your book worth me punching in my credit card number and giving you my money?

Before you receive a sale from a reader, you must sell them on your talents…

Ron Knight  

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