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Happy WomanWhy do you think this post caught your attention? What made you hurry up and come here? There are three reasons:

  • The post made a direct connection to you. It was made for you!
  • You have a problem and it’s possible this post can solve your problem.
  • Most of all, you became excited!

Now think about your books and how you’re marketing to others. Are you doing three things with your posts:

  • Writing posts that make a direction connection to your target reader.
  • Offering a solution to their problems if they read your book. (How does your book benefit others? How does your posts convey that message?)
  • Does your posts get target readers excited!

Every author is different and hopefully your book is so unique that it would be impossible to group you in a generic blog about selling, but here are some simple tips to get you moving in the right direction towards your million…

Envision a Million Books

The most important tip is to write down something like, “I’m going to sell 1 million books by September 9th, 2017.” Then read that at least 6 times a day. This has been a proven method dating back to the 1930’s.

Get to Know One Reader

There are at least ten million readers in your target audience, so get to know one of them really well. Man or woman? Young or old? Where do they spend time? (Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Book Clubs? Church Groups? Middle Schools? Parks? Nightclubs? Vampire Groups?)

The more you know about that one person, the more you can narrow down exactly who will purchase your books.

Note: “Everyone will love my book,” is not a solution to selling a million books. You need a specific target audience.

How will that one reader benefit from your book?

Note: The answer is not, “Because it’s entertaining!”

People purchase books, even fiction books, to solve a specific problem in their lives. If you go back and understand your “one reader,” dig deep to solve a problem in their life with your book.

From there, work on a twenty-word message that conveys how your book will benefit your target audience. Then, you can come up with other ideas to coattail your twenty-word message.

Check Your Posts

Look at your last five posts. Are you going after a specific target audience with a specific message to benefit their lives, or are you talking about politics?

You’re either an author who wants to sell books, or you’re an average person who wants to use social media as a way to vent both good and bad news in your life.

If your posts are personal, then your book sales will be low. If your posts are used to benefit others and drive people to your books, then your sales will rise. Make a decision starting today.

Other Tips to Sell a Million Books

  • Read every day and write down ideas. Even if you read for 9 minutes and write down one idea, it helps.
  • Excel in doing the little things. Excel in reading. Excel in writing. Excel in marketing. Excel in publishing. Break down each of these and improve specific items.
  • Understand that no one will support your books more than you. Also, the harder you work to convey your message, the more others will begin to work for you.
  • Don’t go to sleep without doing at least one idea on your list.

Finally, here’s something that might be difficult to learn, but once you get past the shock of the answer you can work towards being the best. Here it is…

There are plenty of authors selling 20,000 books, 50,000 books, 100,000, and even millions. However, you aren’t one of them. There are people buying books from authors, but not from you. Why not?

Find the answer, then solve it. You want to be in the best position to succeed.

Keep your head up and keep fighting. Your time is coming!

If you want more ideas to sell books, along with a plan for the next year, visit 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.

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