Ron Knight’s Top 100 Authors on Facebook!

Over the past year, I have been watching over 8,000 authors. (Which is 2,000 more than the previous year.) I suppose there are three ways to catch my attention, along with others in the publishing industry:

~ Consistency in Facebook posts. (Using the same profile picture also helps.)

~ UP-Beat and productive posts.

~ Supporting other authors anyway possible.

If your name did not make this list, do not feel bad. You were probably close. It was not easy getting down from 8,000 to 100.  And keep in mind, I will be watching you in 2012!

Okay…Here we go!!!

100. Teresa Vincent: “I can now put away my panic journal and take out my other writing materials from their safe-keeping places!”

99. Amber Scott: “I’m doing the laundry and chasing my dreams!”

98. Margeret Bailey: “True friends are precious gifts, not to be taken for granted!”

97. Ayana Daniels: “I aim to be a blessing to others!”

96. Matt Boyd: “Don’t worry…beer happy!”

95. Stacie Cole (Foxy Cole): “I am the fantasy and the reality. There is no conflict. Deal with it!”

94. George Scott: “Let’s partyTexasstyle!”

93. Matthew Q. Dawson: “God has promised strength for the day, rest for the labor, and light for the way!”

92. T LMoore: “Everything I do is for Jesus and the children!”

91. Chloe Jon Paul: “Find a need and fill it!”

90. Deborah Elliott-Upton: “You have to have bad days once in awhile to appreciate when life is really good!”

89. Vicky Walker: “If you don’t dream, how do you get your ideas?”

88. Michelle Izmaylov: “You can only truly know someone if you have known them as an enemy and a friend.”

87. Donna Michaels: “I can’t afford to not pay it forward!”

86. Rosanne Catalano: “Today and everyday, I am thankful for the love of my family and friends…I feel very blessed!”

85. Gary Williams: “Remember, always give 100% in everything you do. Well, unless you’re giving blood.”

84. Gene Harmon: “Please stop the voices in my head. No wait! Let me write them down first.”

83. Marla Bradshaw Foster: “It’s real simple. I love God and I believe in God.”

82. Jean Marie Rusin: “Yes I will write more novels and I will never quit!”

81. Amber Leigh Williams: “You know it really stinks when I Google pics of the moon and all I get are Twilight images.”

80. Natalie Weber: “Let’s keep this momentum going!”

79. Sonia Chess: “There’s something destructive about someone who has too much to say.”

78. Peter Wright: “When I grow up, I want to be a salesman!”

77. Joan Lane: “Every year on my birthday, (Thanksgiving) I say a prayer of thanks for every year I lived on this beautiful planet – and all the abundant blessings I’ve had.”

76. Susan Joyner-Stumpf: “Enjoy your journey thru my soul!”

75. Sh’Morre: “Frosty margaritas and toasty feet…aaaahhhh. Relaxing!”

74. Barbara Joe Williams: “I’m writing…will return soon!”

73. Rebecka Vigus: “Be safe…enjoy…most of all, be thankful!”

72. Colleen Kielczynski: “I am living for today, looking forward to tomorrow, and letting go of yesterday!”

71. Victoria Strauss: “I hate quotations!”

70. Brandie Arnold-Lagarde: “I love the Lord first, because His love gives me the life I have. I love my husband and children; they give a completeness to me. I love my family and friends; they give me everything else!”

69. Julie Gallagher: “I work hard to be responsible, just like you.”

68. Adele Cosgrove-Bray: “Life can be tough for a writer’s cat. Not mine of course, who gets spoiled rotten!”

67. Jocelyn Sutton: “Inspired to write through all whom inspire!”

66. Sherry Ficklin: “Ever tried? Ever failed? Try again. Fall again. Fail Better.”

65. Bridget Ilene Delaney: “I know another name for thesaurus!”

64. Gwendolen McCloud: “My desire is to educate, entertain, motivate, and empower the audience.”

63. Sue Rumbaugh: “I am enjoying setting goals and working towards them, not worrying about meeting deadlines. Much happier that way!”

62. Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy: “I am thankful for each of my writing friends. May your days be abundant with joy!”

61. Kelly D. Abell: “Does anyone else find the music to the local neighborhood ice cream truck really creepy? I feel a story coming on!”

         60. Donna Henning Mock: “Hope you are surrounded by love all day!”

59. Tristi Pinkston: “I’m trying to figure out a way to remove my brain and eyeballs to soak them in warm water for a few hours!”

58. Alex Knight: “Don’t let anyone make you believe that you have to settle!”

57. Robert Capko: “Keep the troops and their families in your prayers. They gave their all for our safety and freedom!”

56. Barbara Hill: “For my daughter, my daughter-in-laws, my granddaughters, and all the women in my life that I treasure so much…Love to all!”

55. Lisa Schilling: “Emotional health is harder to balance than physical health, but the rewards can be more beautiful!”

54.  Paul Genesse: “Progress feels good!”

53. Crystal Roberts: “Education is a key to a door that opens to 10,000 paths of which you will find your soul, your passion, and yourself, to inspire others above all else.”

52. Robert Goble: “Buy local!”

51. Kenneth Weene: “I value the quality of relationships. There has to be real interaction!”

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  1. Ron, thank you! It’s been such a tough year and to know someone is out there watching, and to be given a pat on the back (which authors never get) means so much to me! You are such an angel. Happy holidays and huge Huggages! xxx


  2. Ron,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I do what I was born to do, what God made me to do and I love it! It is a very hard road at times because so many doors were slammed in my face, but like breathing I will continue on.
    To make this list was a shock out of 8000 authors, but what an honor!!!
    Thank you so very much!!
    God bless you and Merry Christmas,

  3. Ron, thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise. I agree with Poppet’s sentiment. We sometimes never know if what we post will mean something to someone or if they even notice. I am honored to be on the list with such wonderful writers, and I always enjoy your musings on Facebook as well.

    Much appreciated and humbled.

    All the best to and your family in the New Year!


  4. Thanks for including me again this year, Ron! It’s always such a fun, uplifting thing.

  5. Wow! I was SO surprised to see my name on your list ,Ron! Thank you and in return, I wish you God’s choicest blessings during this Christmas season and throughout the coming year. I hope that 2012 will be a spectacular one for you!


  6. Reading all these great quotes from other authors, I’m wowed to be in such company. What a surprise! Thank you for doing this very special thing, Ron. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas and abundant blessings for 2012.

  7. Anne Rice? She is on FB daily and personally interacts with her People of the Page…a huge following. She even recently made a video to show how she does it and to assure people that it is indeed her making the comments and posing questions for discussion. She grapples with tough issues like her uncoversion from the Catholic Church, sexual abuse in the church, gay rights…as well as discussions of her favorite TV series, notes from booksigning tours, and concepts she has been toying with in her writing.

    for even more depth, LIKE Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD, who is author of the NYT bestseller “Women Who Run with the Wolves.” She is a Jungian Therapist, post trauma therapist, and storyteller and poet and so much more. Dr. Estes offers posts that really grapple with issues. A recent one dealt with the issue of “hope,” quoting the Emily Dickinson “feather” poem. The reader comments, and discussion with Dr. E, are profound. Please know that Dr. E will not offer therapy, but what she writes is therapeutic….and those who know the vastness of her work know that her knowledge came from endless study and also through life’s challenges…major accidents. “Scar clan” as she identifies us.

    The surprising author who offers depth, as well as humor and wit, is film critic Roger Ebert. Since his operation to remove a cancerous jaw..there went his face and his voice!…now what ? He has reinvented himself in social media, and I enjoy his magnanimous presence.

  8. Thanks for including me in this listing. Who knew you were listening? Obviously, a lot of people. Keep up the good work.