Ron Knight’s Top 100 Authors on Facebook! 2012

There is one simple rule to making this list…I have to remember seeing you on Facebook among the 8,000 authors that I connect with each day. If I remember you…then so will your target audience. And do not be discouraged if you did not make this list. However, I hope to see you next year.

If you did make this list, feel very proud. Share this moment with your friends and brag about yourself…you deserve it!

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For those of you ranked 50-100, remember that over 7,900 authors did not make it…

100. Ana L Cruz “Tonight’s writing snack…popcorn and water.”

99. Just Rey “I’m training to run a 1/32 marathon. Wish me luck.”

98. Deb Welliver “I have a lot of invisible friends that tell me stories.”

97. Patricia PacJac Carrroll “Writing stories where hope never dies.”

96. Melissa Bradley “I really wish I had a personal assistant.”

95. Kisha Green “If those around you can’t see how great you truly are it is THEIR loss, not yours.”

94. Gerry Gogna “Sometimes we are so busy trying to get through a closed door that we miss the open window beside it.”

93. Lea Wait “Your support has allowed me to live the dream of my lifetime and I thank you.”

92. Nina Liv Whithman “Stay safe…”

91. Gene Harmon “I can escape into 1755North Carolina.”

90. Kim Myers Derting “Inside a writing retreat are lots of candy and empty wine bottles.”

89. Delores Fossen “I have the best job on earth.”

88. Chris Sheerin “Where there is Love, nothing is missing.”

87. Katie Harper “Don’t tell me I don’t know anything about love. I just saw them open up a cheesecake sample cart at Costco.”

86. Ace Collins “Whenever my wife walks into Wal-Mart, the store manager gets on the phone to call in extra employees to restock the shelves.”

85. Jennifer Lyon “I should have brought my book to read while waiting.”

84. Heather Bennett “She likes to grab you by the heart and squeeze until you cry; and for some reason you will end up loving her for it.”

83. Tristi Pinkston “Oh…I love this so much.”

82. Shelagh Watkins “Controversial…me?”

81. Chloe Jon Paul “Let us be grateful for what we have and reach out to those who have so little.”

80. Traci Wiggins “I am a writing monster that eats paper and drinks ink.”

79. Robert Capko “Thanks for being part of this.”

78. Jamie Leigh Haden “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

77. Jennifer Brown “I’m thankful for things in my life that a year ago I never thought I would have.”

76. Tiana Laveen “I hope everyone has a great day and I hope that your evening tops it!!!”

75. Sara Lindsey “Thank you so much. Now I have to get back to editing.”

74. Sonia Chess “There is something destructive about someone who has too much to say.”

73. Rhea Bekeris “I can’t wait to sell my books for $10 and get yours on Kindle for $2.99.”

72. Andrew Wolter “When I was built they made sure I could go from coffee to wine in 2.4 seconds.”

71. Emil Kirstein “I have something important to tell you…”

70. Carolan Ivey “If my work is good enough to use, it’s good enough to be paid for.”

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69. Paula Shene “I’ve been walking freely all my life.”

68. Amanda Lees “I know what I’m going for!”

67. Barbara Robinson “I’m thankful for another beautiful day the Lord has made.”

66. Kate Collins “Time for some mindless entertainment.”

65. Dawn Binkley “What did you wish for when you were a kid?”

64. Peter Wright “Wee flutter of excitement today!”

63. Matt Boyd “May all your dreams come true. That is my wish for you.”

62. David Jones “Come by and get your coffee fix.”

61. L.E. Fallon “May you be blessed always in ways that you cannot even imagine.”

60. Craig Saunders “We must stop meeting like this.”

59. Jeff Abbott “I wonder if kids who ask authors to do their book reports for them have ever gotten a ‘yes’?”

58. Alexandria Altman “I love all the twinkling lights and the snow flakes which there are no two alike.”

57. George Davis “My writing style is very strong and consistent, with realistic dialogue that moves the story along.”

56. Candace C. Bowen “The perfect hero isn’t going to create himself.”

55. Bradley Nickell “Don’t worry friends…God is in control.”

54. Cynthia Drew “Boredom in the writer = boredom in the reader.”

53. Juniper Bell “This calls for a sexy photo!”

52. Jessica Trapp “I’m grateful for the people God has placed in my life. Also, for the ones that He has gently removed.”

51. Franz McLaren “If you read this, please leave me a one word comment about your day.”

Before I list the Top 50, here is a list of Top Erotic and Romance Authors that I think are fabulous! (Not in any particular order.)

Erotic & Romance Authors! Check out the UP Authors Contest and build your fan base!

~ Jordan Rowe “Enjoy your Dark experience.”

~ Amelia James “The hotter the better, ‘cause that’s the way I like it.”

~ M. Peters “Writing is easier than breathing the hot air.”

~ Tina Gerow “Daring to live my dreams on my own terms.”

~ Anne Kane “Come explore my worlds.”

~ Samantha Towie “I really need to get out more.”

~ Jacquie D’Alessandro “The next time you see me, I’ll be surrounded by cartons filled with Twinkies and Sno-Balls.”

~ Deanna Jewel “I’m chatting with readers.”

~ Jessica Lee “If you never got a chance…now’s your chance.”

~ Robin Leigh Miller “I dozed off in the middle of edits; hands on keyboard and everything….Weird.”

~ Berengara Brown “Whatever your taste in erotic romance, there is something for everyone!”

~ Katie Harper “The makers of 5 Hour Energy Drink need to start making 5 Hour Nap Drink. Fair is fair.”

~ C Deanne Rowe “I love reading and writing anything with a ‘happily ever after.’”

~ Alysha Ellis “Bad girls have all the fun.”

~ JaciBurton“There is a lot going on…at least in my corner of the world.”

~VeronicaTower“Equal parts enraged and aroused.”

~ Cathie Linz “Vertical tango gives pole dancing a new meaning.”

~ Amy Ruttan “Must…Write…Smexy.”

~ Paisley Smith “Purr…”

~ Delilah Devlin “I shuffled through my Tarot deck and asked what the future held. I drew the High Priestess, the Fool, and Justice…what does that mean???”

~ Janet Eaves “Aspire to Inspire before you Expire.”

~ Carrie Ann Ryan “Please stop writing blog posts that shout the end of publishing. Shame on you.”

~ Lauren Milne Henderson “3:55 P.M.and it’s pitch black outside…uggg…”

~ Valerie Mann “I’m always finding ideas everywhere I go.”

~ Karen Gerrard “Serial tea drinker.”

~ C.I. Wilson “Motto: WRITE THENEXTBOOK!”

~ Brit Blaise “Grew up with a deep and abiding love for books.”

~ Donna Fletcher “Don’t forget to treat yourself to some good books.”

~ AJ Llewellyn “I’m doing what I love…a true and sincere blessing.”

~ K.D. Harris “Okay, I changed my mind. I’m going to bed.”

~ Tymber Dalton “Creating words like ‘sexillicious’ and ‘hunktacular.’”

~ Alannah Lynne “I take happy drugs for that little adventure.”

~ Cassidy Ryan “I thought it might be nice to round out the year with a couple of short stories.”

~ Jeanne St. James “Sometimes we fall apart in order to fall back together.”

~ MuffyWilson“If you can make me laugh, you can make me do anything.”

~ Adrianna Dane “There is still much more to be discovered.”

~ Jennifer St. Giles “Agenda for the day: Write…make homemade soup.”

~ Barbara Donlon Bradley “My life is filled with humor so I write with humor.”

~ Leo Sullivan “Before you can be a good leader, you have to be a good servant.”

~ Teresa D’Amario “When the rest of the world sleeps, the author taps into the dreams, tapping into the creative energy within.”

~ Holli Winters “Blink and you might miss…”

~ AJ Wilson “If one is going to live, one should do so with great passion.”

~ Tricia Wood “I have a serious addiction…SHOES!”

~ Jennifer Loy “Rich, sexy, and volatile.”

~ Monique DeVere “I haven’t broken anything in months!”

~ Bridget Midway “O Come!”

~ Alexandra O’Hurley “Cuz, I’m Alexandra…bitches.”

~ Jennifer Ashley “Take a breath, write what you can, and everything will get done.”

~ Brita Addams “My love for the romance genre has deepened over many years.”

~ Fran Lee “Succumbing to another turkey coma…”

~ Amber Scott “I’m doing laundry and chasing my dreams.”

~ Sandy Lea Sullivan “What mischief can I get into today?”

~ Lilly Cain “Vampires and Psychics…oh my!”

~ Ann Lister “Who’s been a bad girl? I have! I have!”

~ Melisse Aires “Changing out of my fab-camo-deer-flannel-pj-pants.”

~ Bianca D’Arc “Whew…I feel better now.”

~ Harley De Luca “A new plot has begun and is steamy as ever.”

~ Melodee Aaron “I’m your basic garden variety naughty girl.”

Here are the Top 50 Authors on Facebook…

50. Jean Marie Rusin “We would be good together.”

49. Poppet Author (Number One in 2010!) “I need therapy. I’ve crossed the line.”

48. Iris Blobel “Give it a go. I’m sure you will like it once you’ve given it a try.”

47. Kate Angell “Feels good to cut the cluttering words.”

46. Lee Gooden “Sniff, sniff, teary eyed and all that crap.”

45. Mike Pettit “In the old days I would shine my shoes and put on a best smile and could sell anything. Today, a cyber sales pitch is required.”

44. Kelly Williams “I don’t have the drive to be like everyone else. I have more of a uh…improbability drive.”

43. Leanne O’Connell Johnston “You can choose your friends, but characters are sometimes thrust upon you.”

42. Nancy J Parra “That four letter word that starts with S and ends with W was in the air, so I had a peppermint mocha.”

41. Yvette Kimble “You are alive when tomorrow’s hopes mean more than yesterday’s mistakes.”

40. Libba Bray “This will be the best minute and forty-five seconds of your life…I promise.”

39. Lisa Schilling “I discovered a purpose.”

38. Virginia Nelson “Isn’t there something sexy about a man in jeans and a hat?”

37. Lauren E. Harvey “I am so much more than mere words, and yet words are my life.”

36. Ronald Rosenthal “Drink responsibly, but don’t let anyone know that.”

35. Deborah Brooks Langford “I had a wild dream that I cannot get out of my mind.”

34. Lisa Comstock “Hee…hee…hee…”

33. Ruth Watson-Morris “I do this a lot!”

32. Tim Baker “If I had known the skill requirement was so high, I never would have started writing.”

31. Stephen W Cheshire “I love film soundtracks. They really inspire me to write.”

30. Jessica McHugh “This story unfolds slowly, like waiting to reach the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.”

29. Stephanie Morris “I am an official member of the ‘nut bunch’ and loving it.”

28. Chastity Bush “I didn’t expect to go for a run today, but those cops came out of nowhere.”

27. Missy Lyons “Books are windows into the soul.”

26. Clara Brown (Number One in 2011!) “I’ve got some writing to do…”

25. Bridget Irene Delaney “My continued prayers for all.”

24. Gary Williams “Go ahead and make your own caption.”

23. Stacy Kennedy “Can someone please pass me a bottle of wine?”

22. Gwendolen McCloud “Brew your favorite cup of bliss, find your most comfy chair…take a sip.”

21. Jasmine Dubroff “Contemplating all life has to offer and the beauty the future will bring.”

20. Abigail-Madison Chase “I am Abby and I’m your Procurement Officer.”

19. T L Moore “It has been almost eight years since I wrote my first book. God gave me the imagination of a child storyteller in a far away land…”

18. Rebecka Vigus “Miracles…”

17. Roe Hill “I’m a naughty school girl and I’ve been bad.”

16. Jordan Dane “I love networking with other writers. It’s almost as much fun as writing itself.”

15. Jodi Olson “I love cowboys!!!”

14. Lisa Renee Jones “Oh my gosh…I LOVEEEEE this so much!”

Here are the Top Thirteen Authors that I had noticed this year on Facebook.

I want to mention that all of these authors are interchangeable in the top thirteen and all were considered for number one.

13. Dvore Swickle “I want to thank everyone from the top of my hairs to the bottom of my toes.”

12. Brandie Arnold-Lagarde “I’m profoundly thankful for Miss Sara Lee for allowing me to accept her compliments for years.”

11. Sara Humphreys “I felt the need to share the sexy…”

10. Selena Robbins “Warning! I use the word ‘dickhead’ a lot.”

9. Erin O’Riordan “Tell me a story. I love literature.”

8. Janet Elaine Smith “Without Christmas, there wouldn’t be any ‘holidays’ to be happy for this time of year. Just let it out, ‘Merry Christmas!’”

7. Melanie Young “May the coming year overflow with many blessings.”

6. Stephanie Davidson Becken “Where that last minute ambition came from, I have no idea.”

5. Tracey H. Kitts “I write what I enjoy in the hopes that others will enjoy it as well.”

4. Raquel Monday “Remember the gift of imagination.”

3. Erin O’ Quinn “I give thanks that I know you.”

2. Julia Becca “Seductions and intrigue get to me.”

1. Kathy Rowe “Stay tuned. I got lots more coming…”

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Keep Marketing! Keep Publishing!

Ron Knight


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  1. Thank you, Ron, for an honor I absolutely do not deserve.

    My goal as an author is to use whatever influence my words may begin to have in order to expose the excellence of my brother/sister writers. Let’s all do something for each other at least once a day, and may the world be better for what we write.

  2. Thank you Ron (Great first name) for including me on this list. It really is an honor to be here. 2013 will bring exciting things at Rey Books!
    See you there!

  3. Thank you Ron and I intend to be totally in your face (in a nice way) in 2013! x

  4. I’m looking forward to it. lol.

  5. Wow, what an honor! Thank you for including me on the list!!!

  6. JB Richards says:

    Thank you for being such a wonderful support vehicle to us, the newest authors among the pack. It is so encouraging to find that experienced, widely-published authors such as yourself are willing to give aspiring authors a leg up!

    Currently, I am in the process of writing a series of five historical fiction novels about the romantic relationship Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary Magdalene (Miriamne) which will eventually span about 125 years between 50BC and 75CE, and will include the missing years of Yeshua as husband to Miriamne and father to Yehuda Thomas and Sarah, and his legacy to his children and disciples.

    You can find out more about upcoming novels at my Facebook page below. I hope to publish the first novel in 2014, but one of my short-term goals is to be on this list next year.

    Again, thank you for supporting and encouraging us all!
    JB Richards, Author

  7. I am honored and humbled to be included in this amazing list of authors.

  8. Thank you, I am honored!

  9. Thanks, Ron. So fun to be on your list!

  10. Thank you so much for recognizing me Ron. I am honored A little bit of validation goes a long way. I’ll never stop rising up. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

  11. Thank you so much Ron Knight you are a fabulishy grand for acknowledging all our hard work this year. Merry Christmas and a big loud clap.clap!!!

  12. Thank you so much, Ron!

  13. Ron, thank you so much! I was thrilled to see my name listed, especially at number 5. I can’t stop smiling. 😀

  14. Aww, I didn’t make the list, but congrats Dvora!

  15. Well, whad’ya know … I’ve made it onto Ron’s list. Merry Christmas to me 🙂

    Thank you so much, Ron. It’s an honour to be amongst all those talented authors.

  16. Ron, thanks for the fantastic list! I’m honored 🙂

  17. LOL Thank you! I appreciate the honor, the fun, and the smile this Christmas season!
    Merry Christmas to you too.

  18. It is truly an honor to have been mentioned on this list, Ron. It is encouraging and much appreciated. Thank you once again! <3

  19. Valerie Mann says:

    This was a surprise! Thank you, it’s nice connecting with you and so many wonderful authors and readers!

  20. Hi Ron,

    How cool! I found my name in your top 50 erotica and romance author you thought were fabulous. I’m so thrilled and honored! Thank you so much. 🙂

  21. HI Ron,
    Thank you for the mention on your 100 list.
    I’m thrilled : )

  22. Thanks for adding me…I am honored! I wish you a Merry Xmas and A great start to the New Year!