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Welcome to my 100th Blog. I dedicate this to all the authors who are trying to make it in the tough world of publishing. Here are their stories…

Not much had changed since the fire. Long before she set foot inside, she could smell the residual stench of those who hadn’t made it out in time. After spending nearly six years at Taunton Lunatic Asylum, it had become the only place Avery Norton truly felt at home, despite the fact that it had been no less than a prison to her. She knew each tile and brick and barred window, and they knew her just as intimately.

Rabbits in the Garden, by Jessica McHugh

“She would never be free of him; they had created three lives together. She would not trade those amazing beings for anything. Not even to retrieve the eight years she had almost lost herself to his abuse and manipulations. Almost. It was done so subtly she didn’t even see it happening. Like the frog boiling in a pot of water. The temperature rose so slowly that she was dying before she even knew she was wet. She had followed the pattern cut for her by society and ended up wearing a life ill-fitted for her soul.'”

Bits of Your & Pieces of Me, by Kimberly Kinrade

“Johnny.”  Blood continued to run out of his mouth, and tears ran down the side of his face and into his ears. “Damn, Johnny.  D-d-damn.” And then he coughed, spraying blood into my face and onto my shirt.
We knelt there beside him forever as we waited for him to take that last gasp.  He held on as a siren sounded outside.  Within seconds, the paramedics were tending to him.  As soon as they could, they loaded him onto a bed and moved him toward the rig.  Out front, several patrol cars had converged, and Captain Dale was there, too.  He watched silently as the gurney carrying Detective Mark Gonzales passed him.
I got into the back of the rig with the gurney.  As the ambulance sped away, I could see the light in Gonzo’s eyes start to fade.

 TESTAROSSA, by Julie Dolcemaschio

“Fine, suit yourself.  I’m sure it’s no coincidence that we’re here at the same time.  Our mothers probably made sure of that, didn’t they?  I’ll try not to bother you.”  She turned on her stomach and pointed her head in the opposite direction so she wouldn’t have to look at the fine example of a man Bryce Delaney had become.  Her heart had done a familiar flip-flop at hearing him say her name and that really made her mad.  That was the problem with Bryce. He made Cait feel things she had no business feeling. 

A Slower Lower Love, by Lila Munro 

Better looking than before he died. He stalked toward me, then past me and straight to the fridge. Confused I turned on the couch, kneeling and held onto the back of it watching in utter confusion. He pulled open the door, dropped to his knees and pulled open the vegetable crisper. The saliva that pooled on the bottom shelf was disgusting and I was very thankful that I had enough Clorox bleach to kill the bacteria in an ER under my kitchen sink. I bit my lip, eyes still bugging out of my head and watched as my boyfriend began to murder all of my vegetables.

My boyfriend appears to be a vegetarian zombie.

Vegetarian Zombie, by Heather Wampler 

“Travis, what would you say if we kick up the heat of this little game and enter into a bit of wager sexy friend? A highly wicked one of course.” Veronica tossed her long locks and gave him that look merely to tempt. Tease.

“A wager?” He rubbed his forehead, squinted and finally turned his saucer-sized eyes directly on her. The look he gave her was blatantly cautious. Anxious.

Wicked Wager Among Friends – Tales From Lucifer’s Lair, by Cassandre Dayne 

My name is Iain Daniel Bryce, that’s pronounced  <Ī-yăn>, and I am a pirate but not in every sense of the word. I’ve done my share of swashbuckling and do indeed steal, and I won’t deny that I’ve occasionally pillaged, sometimes burned, from time to time wantonly destroyed many a thing in my day and, yeah, I’ve killed, but only when I was forced to, and truly took no pleasure in doing so. One thing I will adamantly deny, and dare anyone to say otherwise, is I’ve never, nor do I allow my men to rape! I’ll admit I am guilty of being a menace to society and imagine someday I will have to pay for the crimes I have committed, but not today!

 The BrimTier Chronicles, Part 1, Life of a BrimTier Pirate, by Lisa J. Comstock

 Michael Redford died on his seventeenth birthday – the night Eddie picked him up off the street, shot him full of heroin and assaulted him.

Michael had been drinking steadily all night, matching Jenny’s Breezers with export-strength lager, and when he saw Jen wrapped around his mate’s brother across the dance floor, he didn’t feel at all inclined to slow down. Totally oblivious to observers, they were all hands and lips – a human octopus of limbs on the red chesterfield sofa with Jenny’s long dark hair covering both their faces. She’d dropped an E in the toilets; he could tell by the shine in her eyes and the way she moved when they’d been dancing earlier – she always came onto him when she was high, then pulled away when he got interested. Michael kicked the pillar next to him in disgust. He hated nightclubs anyway.

Hamelin’s Child, by Debbie Bennett

The rain fell lighter that day, but kept the road impassable. Joseph looked at the scene knowing they faced more nights like the last. He wanted dry ground like the rolling hills of Vermont dressed in spring. He could lie in his tent and sleep comfortably, while a certain jewel smoothed his brow. Joseph looked at his uniform, soiled from days of marching. A bath would be nice too. He smelled as rank as a horse’s ass three days dead  in the sun.

Blue Honor, by K. Williams 

A head and shoulders broke through the layer of dirt. The long hair and feminine features indicated it was a woman when it was alive. The skin was hardly decomposed but she was covered in a layer of grime as she climbed from the soil and stopped then, almost as if to watch the others come forth.

Outer Dominion Saga, Volume I, Destiny Calling, by Nina Liv Witham

 When I turned around and saw him, leaning up against the concrete wall, one boot propped against the building, he looked dangerous.   His black denim jeans fit his muscular, long legs as if they were poured over them and left to harden.   His boots were black too, and studded with little silver spikes that caught the artificial lights of the rest stop to reflect back at me like twinkling stars.   As I gaped at him, mouth open like a fish taking the bait, he smiled at me, a slow wicked smile that made my skin grow sensitive as if I had a high fever.   That smile made little ripples run along my nerve endings and down my spine.

Love Tattoo, by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy 

Suddenly, Carol got off her bar stool to go to the ladies’ room. Carol tripped over her own two drunken feet and began to fall forward. She saved herself by slamming her hand on the table in front of Alex. Embarrassed, Carol slowly pulled herself up to find the dark beauty smiling back at her. With skin like rich, dark chocolate, eyes that were beautiful, tranquil, bottomless pools, and neatly braided jet black hair, Alexandria took Carol’s breath away. The two paused and the world around them melted away as they intensely stared at each other.

Imperfect, L. E. Harvey

The air rushing backward over the wings caused the plane to spiral, like it would drill into the ground. The centrifugal force pushed Paxton out to the wall of the fuselage. His eyes darted around looking for an exit. There has to be a hatch up here! Disoriented, Paxton tried to focus. Where is the damn thing?Time was running out. He looked at his wrist, where he would normally wear his altimeter. It was empty, except for the marks left by the tie wraps. He never had a chance to finish preparing for his parachute jump. His wrist altimeter was still in his pack, which was gone along with his AK-74 rifle, his helmet and the rear of the plane. Gone like Smith and the others. He looked down again. All he saw was blackness. He did not have the benefit of his NVGs, which were also in his pack. His mind filled with images of Jill and the kids. He no longer cared about his altitude—he had to get out no matter what—for the sake of his family.

SAY GOODBYE, by Robert Capko

A tall man with cascading golden hair and eyes the gray-blue of a stormy, summer
sky stood nude before her. Seren blinked again.
The man fluttered his hands in front of his body and suddenly he was clothed in
an opened white, gold-speckled druid robe and
plaid pants covered his trunk-like legs. Heat emanated from him. She gawked at
the lush bronze skin of his bare, muscular chest
beneath his robe. “Druid robe…shape shifted from wolf to…” As realization
dawned, she dropped to her knees. ”God Gwydion, it
is you?”

The Wolf and The Druidess, by Cornelia Amiri

The funeral procession Emma had always imagined involved slow pallbearers winding through narrow streets, drizzle, and many women in black cloaks choking back their grief.  She had planned in great detail the way Franklin’s cedar coffin would slide into the ground and the way the moist earth would sound as it fell on top. She would carry white lilies and her grandmother would be there to support her should she faint. Maybe she would carry smelling salts. After that, her plans ended abruptly because what does one do after a funeral, after all.

Tree/House, by Jessica Knauss 

Night swung his legs over the edge of the bed, strode to the window and threw it open.   A gentle breeze from the west whispered across his nude body and tangled his hair around his shoulders.   Looking out at the beautiful yellow and orange hues of the rising sun, he drew a deep breath and leaned on the sill. 

Ravenwood: Night’s Salvation by Laurie Sorensen

His touch caused Lila’s nipples to tighten into hard beads inside her confining corset, rubbing against the material with each gentle breath.  Her breath moved swiftly in and out of her body, the blood pounding through her heart drummed in her ears.  A gasp escaped from her throat as Alex placed a row of tiny nips up and down the back of her neck and then licked her throat in long languid strokes.

Bound by Darkness, by Buffy Christopher

She yearned for someone to love who would love her back.  She studied the figures in the ledger.  But there had been Marty Spiers.  He had come closest to saying those magic I-love-you words.  He might have been the one.  After his leg healed.  And his brother’s front teeth were fixed.

Antique Virgin, by R.G. Hart  

LAFE doesn’t live in the forest. LAFE is the forest. LAFE’s size and
thousands of years of experience provide the wisdom to survive. When a
pipeline project threatens to slice LAFE’s brain, LAFE seeks the aid of
Daphne DeFreest. But first they must heal her broken body and find a way
to communicate. Then Daphne must find the love of her life, and they all
must cope with their common enemies.
This is their story.

Earth’s Endless Effort, by Gerald M. Weinberg

After suffering a breakdown and quitting the force, former Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is contacted by a friend at MI6 to help in a covert operation. Against her will, Lorne is convinced to help track down an old enemy, a sadistic and calculating criminal whose ambition is to become the world’s richest man.

It’s up to Lorne and the agent to prevent him, which results in a chase through France.

Final Justice by Mel Comley

“…I hope that someday you’ll forgive me.”

The tears rolling off Lorelei’s cheek fell onto the single sheet of paper, turning the signature into a splotch of blue ink.  She didn’t have to see the frigging signature anyway, this was the second time she’d read the damned letter.  The bastard!  The rotten, lousy son of a bitch bastard!  She leaned back against the wall and let her body slide down until she settled in a cloud of white tulle.

Best Man, by Ceri Hebert

In his place of rest Maxwell could feel her turmoil. Although the distress he had caused her gave him pause, he knew he would have her again and again. He would not be able to stay away from her bed. Isn’t that rich, he laughed to himself, she’s in my blood. With glorious memories of their predawn coupling swirling in his brain, Maxwell actually slept for the first time in decades.

What Luck! by Alex Knight

Just breathe. Stay focused. I said the mantra over and over to calm myself. This wasn’t my first fire, but my heart still beat a thousand beats a minute as I made my way through flames so vivid I thought I was in hell.

BURN OUT by Traci Hohenstein 

I can play with my pet.  Take her for walks or to the vet.  I can wash and brush her to keep her clean.  Now she will shine when she is seen.

What Will I Play While You Are Away? by James Thomas

“You know…” Charlene said. “I heard about this website. It’s a dating website like a lot of them that are out there already.”
A chorus of groans and a lot of “Oh no! Here we go! Not this again!”
“No, seriously. I have a friend that told me about it and she’s talked to a few guys from the site. She’s going out on a date with one of the guys this weekend,” Charlie said.
“Charlie, I’m sure it’s a great site but what makes this site different from the next dating website?” I asked as I scooted back into the chair and tucked my legs under me.
“This one, you get to pick how big a lover you’re looking for!” She nodded knowingly. The room was quiet as we all exchanged looks with one another.
“You mean–,” I started.
“Yep. That’s exactly what I mean. You need a 7-inch lover, that’s what you put. The site is called You may have to live outside your comfort zone and upgrade to a size 8 to use the site though,” Charlie said with a sly grin. “What do you think?”

            “Well, I don’t know what to think.” I said.

Better Than 8: Fantasy by Erin Jamison

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: A child fails to return home. As hours turn to days, all they can do is hope. Some children never come back…

Would you trust a convicted sex offender to help you find your daughter’s killer? Claire did…
Teaming up with a second-year psychology student and a fourteen year-old truant schoolboy, Sugar & Spice is the story of a mother’s fight to bring one man’s reign of terror to an end.

Sugar & Spiceby Saffina Desforges

I shut the door and retraced my steps over the obstacle course of car parts that lined his front path. ‘Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? So what’s all this about your van? Do you seriously expect me to believe that Mr. Gone-in-Sixty-Seconds has had his own van stolen?’

He bit a grimy fingernail. ‘It’s true!’

‘What, like the time I arrested you on Christmas Day for driving a stolen car, and you said Santa Claus must’ve delivered it to your house by mistake?’

‘Yeah, Santa Claus is always making those kinds of mistakes. It happens every year.’ 

The Fashion Police by Sibel Hodge

He could sense her trepidation and he intended to do all within his power to alleviate it. Because whether Joy knew it or not…he was going to make love to her tonight. He had waited for this moment for more years than he could remember. He had watched her as she watched him through her window for years. And even then, he knew this day would come. He wanted Joy Tate like he wanted no other.

The Gift of Joy by Valerie Maarten

Now the hard part. I had just killed a man and dumped his body but considered my next task the hard part. I had to call Jack. Sweet, innocent Jack, who knew nothing of my past. I had to call and explain what was going on, and that meant telling him everything.

Secrets by S.L. Pierce 

He shouldn’t touch her; he knew better. Touching her was both heaven and hell, but tonight even the bittersweet pain it always brought wasn’t enough to deter him. Nor was the fact that the last time he’d reached for her had been in this room, and a few seconds after that they’d both been naked and all over each other. None of that mattered in light of the fear and need he read in her eyes. Right now, no power on earth could keep him away from her any longer.

Absolution, by Kaylea Cross

Thud Compton hated being Cutter Point’s new police chief. Every day at work on his new job
was bad, and some days were worse than others. So far, this had been one of those days.

The Sparrow’s Blade by Ken Lewis


“There is a secret in every middle school, found in the…”


 “Open the door to the Middle Room on April 29th…”

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