Relationship Marketing: Building Your Audience

Relationship Marketing is making a connection with your audience to promote your books. The success of Relationship Marketing is based on the amount of value the author has, along with the author providing solutions to benefit the reader.

For some authors, that may sound like a long and tedious process, which is why those authors fail. For the motivated authors, Relationship Marketing is the key to their success, which makes the process fun and exciting.

There are two kinds of Relationship Marketing:

~ Audience/Readers

~ Contacts/Networking

Here is an example how Relation Marketing benefits authors by increasing the opportunity for book sales.

A year from now, you will attend an event that has a thousand people from several book clubs. Three other authors have been invited to that event as well.

Over the next year, you find ways to connect with the members of those book clubs. When the event arrives, most of the members know who you are and some have actually spoken to you. The other three authors did some relationship marketing or none at all.

Here are the results:

You connected with all thousand book club members that will attend the event.

Author Two connected with 500 hundred of the members.

Author Three connected with 200 hundred of the members.

Author Four did not spend any time connecting to the members.

If every book club member were to purchase one book at the event, here are the chances of that book sale going to a specific author:

Author Four: .005%. The projected amount of book sales is 0 to 1.

Author Three: 7%. The projected amount of book sales is 70 to 200.

Author Two: 17%. The projected amount of book sales is 170 to 500.

You: 33%. The projected amount of book sales is 330 to 1,000. (Yes, it is possible that every single book club member will buy only from you.)

It is obvious that Relationship Marketing is putting an author into a position to succeed. Here ways you can start your Relationship Marketing campaign right now:

Using CONTENT that BENEFITS the readers.

~ The story in your novel.

~ The description of your novel.

~ Your website.

~ Your blogs.

~ Social media posts.

~ Email blasts.

~ eNewsletters.

Using your BRAND to BENEFIT the readers.

~ Your brand is created with your target audience in mind.

~ Your brand is conveyed with your target audience in mind.

~ Your brand connects to your target audience.

Using your PITCH to BENEFIT your readers.

~ Meeting people at an event.

~ Meeting people through social networking.

~ Meeting a live audience during an interview.

~ Podcasts, YouTube, Book Trailers.

You have two choices. Try to sell your book by advertising it for the next five years, or build relationships and sell your book for the next five years. It is UP to you.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss Relationship Marketing to build your contacts and network.

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