12 Month Author Marketing Plan (Excerpt)


(Excerpt from 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.)

Author Marketing Plan: Month 2

Monthly Overview: Postcards, movie theaters, serialization, and bringing your characters to life!

Tip of the Month: When selling books, it’s all about changing your mindset and becoming responsible over your author career. You have choices every minute of the day. What you do with those choices are up to you, which means you have the power over your future success.

Matthieu Ricard puts it this way, “I am full of joy about the fact that we vastly underestimate the power of transforming the mind.”

To-Do: Write content for a postcard.

The information on your postcard should include a benefit to your target audience, twenty-word description of your story, and contact information. The postcard will also include a picture of your book, or logo, or some sort of appealing art.

To-Do: Purchase 1,000 customized postcards using above information.

What would be more beneficial and give you a better chance to sell books? Posting something on social media about your book, or sending out a glossy postcard?

To-Do: Start distributing your postcards.

There are no rules to where you can send postcards. Use your imagination and make an ongoing list. It could be local book stores, film producers, leaders of groups/organizations, niche stores, schools/colleges, friends/family, businesses that might be interested in your book, screenwriter, or a leave behind at doctor offices, cabs, and bus stops.

Every month you should be sending out postcards. Don’t get lazy on this. Exposure, exposure, exposure.


To-Do: Use any of these three ideas this month. (Or all of them!)

Idea One: Advertise your books in local movie theatres, especially the independent theaters. There are several ways to do this which include advertisements on the screen before the movie, advertise on the kids’ meal, posters in the lobby, and leaving handouts on the candy counter.

Bonus: It just takes one film producer, director, or actor to see a poster of your book in the lobby, which would get them thinking, “Hmmm….this book would make a terrific movie.”

Idea Two: Charles Dickens became famous by using serialization as his primary marketing tool. Post samples of your books and get readers hooked on your stories. If you have more than 10 books, offer some of them for free.

Idea Three: Charles Dickens also acted out his stories in front of an audience. Partner with local actors to perform scenes from your book. Do this live or make a video that you can post on YouTube.

Remember this…

It’s important to remember that readers do not buy books. They buy stories and they purchase a need to fill their lives. There’s something about your story that will benefit a targeted group of potential fans. Your goal is to run a marketing campaign that will reach that selected audience.

Fill in the blank then proceed accordingly, “After reading my book, people will never look at [blank] the same way again.”

By answering that question, your marketing campaign will be much easier, because you have a clear message to tell your target audience.

Here’s another great piece of advice that will give you confidence and change the way you approach selling books:

“Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.” ~ Brian Chesky, CEO and Founder of Airbnb

The point of that is if you have something that 100 people really enjoy, it will turn into a success on many levels. If you have something that a large group of people just kind of like, your chances of success will be small.

Note: You’re not selling a book…you’re selling a benefit to a specific type of reader. You are providing a need to your target audience that isn’t being met.

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