Read the Signs

What happens to an author when literary agents and traditional publishers send rejection letters? The author resorts to self-publishing. However, the author does not sell any books. Time and money has been wasted, leaving the author baffled and depressed. This does not happen because the author is untalented, but rather unmarketable.

 Authors need to show their talents. More importantly, establish their market.

Ask yourself this question: “What service does my book provide?” Plain and simple, a reader must have some sort of need for your book. One of those needs is that your book is well written and entertaining. 

Most people in the publishing business will tell you that family and friend’s opinions do not count. I agree they do not make great references, but family and friends are necessary for every author to gain feedback on their work. It is why Stephen King shows his wife the finished manuscript, before anyone else. Authors need to know if they have an enjoyable book, before the publishing industry has their say.

Here are good and bad signs from family and friends:

Bad Sign: Your friend takes three months to get through your book.

Good Sign: Your friend reads your book in just a few days.

Bad Sign: Your friend says, “It was okay.”

Good Sign: Your friend says, “I think you have real talent. It is like nothing I’ve ever read before!”

Bad Sign: Your friend reads the book, hands it back to you and forces a nervous smile.

Good Sign: Your friend hands the book back to you and raves about your characters and story.

Feedback should be based on the emotion of who read your book. If the signs are all pointing to bad, then your time should be spent on redrafts. If the signs are predominantly good, then you can begin to consider investing time and money into your marketing. Just remember, you can always improve your craft.

Traditional ideas are not significant anymore. Authors need to build UP their career…Untraditionally.

Ron Knight
Author of Untraditional Publishing

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