Saving Lillian Bay

Saving Lillian Bay


Product Description

This is a story about a community of family and friends who raised millions of dollars to save a child’s life.

This is a story of a father that refused to give up on his daughter and let her be taken from this world.

This is a story about a child that does not comprehend wisdom, love, or faith, and yet, displays those gifts with each breath.

This is the story of Lillian Bay…


“I hope that this book impacts lives for the better, along with everyone who enjoys and shares their story.”
– John R. Walter

“Lillian Bay is living proof that prayer works.”
– Kris Boyden, Palm on the Park

“When I first saw Lillian Bay and discovered what this poor child was going through, I could not just stand by and do nothing.”
– Rusty Hager, 
Chairman of the board at Hager Company




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