Preparing Your Author Marketing Campaign

MCS27There are four things to consider before you start a marketing plan. Don’t brush these items off. Everything you read here is based on statistics and putting you in the best position to succeed.

First: You might need help.

If you need assistance with anything in a marketing plan such as printed marketing materials, better website, or anything you may have trouble doing yourself, then consider investing some money with a professional branding and marketing agency.

When looking for a branding/marketing agency, or even a company that prints marketing materials, consider three things:

  • Is the price in your budget? (Remember to invest 3% of your income for marketing each month.)
  • Have they worked with authors before?
  • Can they show you at least 10 examples of both paper and Internet marketing that they did for clients?

Second: Printed books sell easier than eBooks.

eBooks are amazing. It’s free. Simple. And a terrific way to gain a little extra money.

However, with Amazon revealing a report that eBook sales are not the future, rather print sales have come back strong, along with studies showing that 6% of readers prefer only eBooks and 46% of readers prefer only printed books, then you must invest in printed books as your primary source of income and eBooks as a secondary source.

The remaining 48% of readers bounce from eBooks to printed books, depending on the type of material they are looking for. Nevertheless, there’s a significant amount of readers that will only buy printed books.

Although eBooks are on the rise, it’s because “publishing” eBooks has steady growth, not “purchasing” eBooks.

Here’s the bottom line. You can compete with millions of Amazon authors that have eBooks in a market with only 6%, or you can sell printed books to a 46% market. It’s up to you.

“4% of Americans only read eBooks. Printed books are still the favorite.” ~ Source: PEW Research, Wall Street Journal, PBS

Third: Price points are crucial.

Many authors try to sell their eBooks for $6.99 and their printed books for $15.00. That’s unrealistic. Here’s a rule of thumb that works: Earn $1.00 off of everything you sell, whether it’s a printed book, eBook, t-shirt, poster, or wristband.

If it costs $4.00 to print your book, then sell it for $5.00. If it costs $7.00 to produce a t-shirt, then sell it for $8.00. Selling for less will put more of your products in the market and gain you more fans.

Fourth: You will need a Book Kit

Click on Book Kit to see details.

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