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college-75535_960_720Let’s say you were approached by a college that reconstructed their campus. Your job will be to build new paths from the student buildings, across the new park filled with trees, wooden benches, statues and water fountains, to the three buildings that hold classes.

What would you do?

Most people would map out the paths from the student dorms to the buildings, using the park as a guide. Then create the paths and pave them.

However, this is the wrong choice. The answer to building the paths is to do nothing.

Yep. Nothing.

College students will wake up at the last second and use the quickest path from the dorm to their classroom. Paving new paths won’t matter. They will go off the paths to save time.

After a month, the students will have made clear dirt paths from the dorms to the buildings. Once those are made, then it’s a perfect time to pave them.

Authors make the same mistake. They build marketing paths from the readers to your buildings, like Amazon, website and events.

However, readers will make their own path and not stick to the nice, paved path you made for them.

Students could care less about a path someone else made. They will do what’s best for them.

It’s the same with readers. They will do what’s best for them, not what’s best for you.

Study what your target readers are doing, then create a path that’s personalized to them, rather than trying to come up with a marketing plan that fits what you want.

By doing this, you will sell more books, along with wasting less time and money.

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