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One of the fastest ways to success or letting the world know what a talented author you are, is being aware of the opportunities that surround you. In fact, you have missed a pathway to your destiny by accident on several occasions. How about we make sure that never happens again.

All authors start out with enthusiasm and confidence. (Or at least, motivated.) As the long hard road to having a career as an author is revealed, your enthusiasm and confidence is chipped away. The lack of results, has crushed even the most talented authors.

Becoming an author is a craft. Which means, everyone in the world can learn how to be an author. I’m not saying everyone is good, I’m saying that the knowledge of becoming an author is attainable.

 If you know how to be an author and have yet to achieve your goals, then there is only one question, “Why?”

Here is the thing. Before you wrote that first word in your book, something inside of you said, “I can be an author. I want to write!” In fact, you did not care how you became an author, you just knew it was your dream.

If your dream has not come true, let me tell you why. Some authors limit their dreams, which limits their success. You have set yourself up to fail, but did not realize it.

I ask this simple question to every author, “What is your goal?” The answer is pretty much the same, “To have my books published and make a living as an author.” That answer is setting yourself up for failure. You are putting your dreams in the hands of someone else. The world explains to authors that they have to published. The author reacts to this false knowledge, rather than creating new ideas and concepts.

You know what my goal has been over the last ten years? “To have the freedom and ability to write everyday.” I have lived that dream and not been disappointed once. I’ve also told myself, “I’m going to work hard everyday, to make sure I can write a novel so terrific, the world would have no choice but to love it.”

If you just want to be published, you are living the same dream as millions of people. If you want to be traditionally published, you are living a dream of thousands people. If you want to make Stephen King type money, then you are living someone else’s dream.

Have you ever written a book, sitting on table, in a laundromat, using a typewriter? Have you ever worked the third shift in a hospital to clean the blood out of sheets? Have you ever been run over by a van while you were taking walk, flown to the hospital, with your lung collapsing on the way, and you came seconds away from dying?

If so, then you can live Stephen King’s dream. God Bless.

Do not misunderstand me. I’m not saying that you cannot succeed or dream of making millions of dollars. I’m saying, if you concentrate only on getting an agent and traditional publisher, or if you concentrate on how many books you want to sell, then you will miss opportunities.

What if your goal was this: “I want to feel good about my writing.” It may seem obvious that authors should feel good about being an author, but Facebook is littered with comments about the failing publishing industry, bookstores, and how e-Books are going to save the world.

Folks, none of that matters if you feel good about writing.

If there was another opportunity for you to become famous, besides publishing or e-Books, would you take it? I know the next question you would ask me, “Of course! What is it?”

Well, that’s up to you.

Be honest with yourself. If you knew today, that no matter what, you will not be signed by a publisher, would you still write? Or how about this: Did you know that every traditional publisher in the world will sign you, based on a few opportunities you could have had already. Your unique ability, has opened doors that you have yet to walk through. More attainable dreams that will make you happy the rest of your life, have been missed.

I’m not going to hold your hand and explain exactly what that means. (Stephen King would be upset if I gave you a shortcut and he had to suffer for his millions.) However, I can leave you with a quote from Winston Churchill that may clear up your path to brilliant and amazing opportunities. “Sometimes it is not good enough to do your best; you have to do what is required.”

* Excel in reading. (I mean, really excel! Get to the point where you can dissect a book into thousands of parts and understand the true art of storytelling.)

* Excel at writing. (You have to write a great story and master the technique of telling that story. Never say, “Okay, I have done that.” No, you still need to polish those skills. However, you should always feel good about your writing.)

* Excel at marketing. (This can be learned, just as the craft of writing. There are tricks that James Patterson studied and applied to make him millions. Since I do not want you to live James Patterson’s dream, search inside yourself and find other talents that can help you with promotion. You are not just a good writer. You are so much more!)

* Excel at publishing. (Find out everything the publishers and literary agents know. You should have enough knowledge that you could work for a publisher in any area. If you understand the core of every publishing house, big and small, you will impress them all!)

I’ll leave you with one more quote by King Solomon…and then I’ll leave you to your excelling.

“For as he thinks within himself…so is he.”

Ron Knight

Author of “2-10”

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  1. Great, informative blog. My life verse is “In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.” Prov. 16:9
    I apply that to writing as well.

  2. Ron, again you have met my expectations….I read your blog all the time and enjoy every article. As you can tell there are some of them that I can’t help but comment on. This is one. I have used many of your suggestions, and you have not failed me yet. Thanks again for the words you write. This article is one of those articles that I read and say, “alright Ron, you did it again.”

  3. Donna:

    I’m very happy this information helps you. Your words are very kind. It will be hard to live up to expectations, but I’ll try my best.

    Take Care.

    Ron Knight

  4. Lynn:

    Great bible verse. I’ll pass that along.

    Ron Knight