On the Publishing Horizon

LookingThis is this final interview with Evolved Publishing as we discover what is on the horizon for the publishing industry.

Let’s once again meet the management team at Evolved Publishing:

Lane Diamond – Co-Founder, Managing Publisher/Editor, Author

D.T. Conklin – Co-Founder, IT Manager, Editor, Author

Emlyn Chand – Marketing Director, Author

Eric Pinder – Executive Editor, Author

Evolved Publishing Info: http://www.evolvedpub.com/press/58-2/submissions-intro/

What is the EP Street Team?

Answered by Emlyn Chand: Sometimes writing can be a very lonely road. A supportive group of readers turns a solitary activity into a group one, making it that much more fun for everyone involved. This Street Team doesn’t just celebrate the work of a single author, but rather all our authors at Evolved Publishing. Those who are fans of one of our authors are likely to find someone new who tickles their fancy—hey, aren’t we always on the lookout for the next great read?

The primary goal of the Street Team is to connect readers with our authors, and of course the editors and artists who help them produce the best book possible (and with each other), to build a sense of community. We’ve already seen great results! Readers want to know more about out team and, in turn, our books. They happily spread the word to their friends, and as a thank you, we occasionally offer the following benefits to our beloved “Teamers”: advance copies of upcoming books, inside scoop and exclusive sneak peeks, prizes, giveaways, custom swag, blog content, and even a fancy member badge.

We’re having a great time, too. If you’re on Facebook, come join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EP.StreetTeam/.

Does anyone on the EP team have time for leisure reading?

Answered by D.T. Conklin: As authors we try to make time, and that’s for a few reasons:

1)      We need to know the genre(s) we write in. We don’t want to write a book that’s already been written, and we need to understand the current trends so we can either avoid or take advantage of them, depending on the circumstances.

2)      It’s fun. We didn’t get into this business because we hate books. It’s rather the opposite.

3)      Sometimes we just need to get out of our own heads. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get kind of sick of myself sometimes, and need to jump into someone else’s world for a brief reboot.

What kinds of changes do you foresee in publishing over the next five years?

Answered by Lane Diamond: Ebooks will continue to grow in popularity, and print books will continue to decline, ultimately becoming something of a niche or collector’s item. What I like to call the “Star Trek-ification” of America, and indeed the world, is well underway. There’s simply no turning back technology, and each new generation will move us further down this road.

The real challenge will be continuing to provide consumers enough value that they’ll be willing to part with a few bucks – about the price of a cup of coffee at some popular destinations – to enjoy a good book. I believe brand identification – making that personal connection with consumers – will be an important part of what we do. We seek to build that loyalty in our marketing efforts, and to remain as accessible as we can, so that readers come to think of us as a regular part of their lives – a place they can always go for a simple, entertaining escape, or for an interesting, compelling adventure.

What is on the horizon for EP?

Answered by Lane Diamond: The simplest answer is, “More of the same.” We’re still a toddler in this industry, at just over a year and a half old, though we’ve grown much more rapidly than we anticipated. We’ve published, or are about to publish, the works of 18 authors – and the submissions just keep on coming. We have a team of 8 editors, 5 cover artists/illustrators, and many beta readers supporting those efforts. We have a dedicated management team that coordinates those activities, including the ever-important marketing efforts.

I would anticipate adding 1 or 2 more editors, and 1 or 2 more illustrators, before the end of 2013. That will enable us to add several new authors this year, and to continue building our quality catalog. We launch a round of 4-8 new releases every two months, though we may skip January and February from here on (holiday overload). We think we’ve hit on something good here; now we just need to keep on trucking.

Additionally, we are about to branch into audio books and foreign translations. We’re adding members to the team to develop and manage those processes for us, and we’re excited about the additional opportunities those avenues will bring the entire team.

What is the ultimate dream for EP?

Answered by the entire Management Team –

Lane Diamond: My ultimate dream is for EP to be a reliable one-stop shop for readers, no matter their reading preferences, who demand only high quality, professionally produced, entertaining books – a proper value for their hard-earned entertainment dollar. To accomplish that, of course, we must also be a place where talented authors, editors and artists come to share their gifts and hard work. So far, so good.

D.T. Conklin: To entertain people. Whether that’s exciting them, making them laugh or cry, or just creating an engaging, interesting story that sucks them into puzzles and twisting paths. How many people can we reach and do this with? That’s the question, and the answer will always hover just over the horizon.

Emlyn Chand: My ultimate dream is for Evolved to herald in a new era in publishing, serving as not only a great example, but as a beacon of hope to authors who are fed up with the Big 6 and their ivory towers, or fed up with self-publishing and its sock puppets and never-ending pool of critics. I truly think of the authors, editors, and artists who make up EP as a family, and I want to see each of them achieve great success. I want their success to pave the way for others outside of our group as well. I want the publishing and writing professions to be returned to the people who do it for the love, not the money. And that, of course, will make all our readers happy, because they’ll have a continual stream of excellent books to enjoy.

Eric Pinder: The dream? To publish quality books that both we and the authors can be proud of, which will continue to sell copies and entertain readers for years to come.


I want to thank the team of Evolved Publishing for giving us a behind the scenes look at the new approach in how authors are treated…and published.

Ron Knight

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