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I want to thank all the authors who submitted their title. Just for fun, I sent this list of titles to my team and asked them to vote on their favorites. (And of course, I voted as well.) In the first section, are titles listed randomly. In the next section, are the top 20.

Rankings are silly, but entertaining. If a title did not make the top twenty, it doesn’t mean anything. Please click on all the links and find a book that you may want to purchase. These authors work hard and all their books are wonderful.

Also, if everyone who is reading this blog, clicks on each link below, the authors can receive at least a 1,000 hits today. What a wonderful and easy gift you can give them.

Enjoy these titles!

But What if I Don’t Understand, by C.P. Siebenhuener  

Savior of the Rain Forest: An Adventure of Zalvator the Black Panther, by Bruno Gonzalez

Reining In, by Dawn Judd

The Conqueror’s Shadow, by Ari Marmell

The Groom’s Cake, by Jacqueline Vick

Memoirs From the Asylum, by Kenneth Weene

He’s Not a Dog and Other Stories, by George Arthur Davis

CATCALL, by Gwendolyn Robertson

Little Blue Whales, by Ken Lewis

We Belong Together, by Barbara Grovner

From the Herald’s Wearied Eye, by Jessica McHugh

Bloodlines, by Carl Franklin

It’s My Crisis! And I’ll Cry If I Need To: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge, by Yocheved Golani

In Jen’s Words: Facing the Issues, by Jennifer Brown

Trip to Paradise, by L.E. Fallon

In My Mother’s Shoes, by Cynthia Carlisle Fields

Pleasures & Sin: The Story of Cedric “CJ” Jones, by Christian Black

His Conquest, by Diana Cosby

All She Ever Wanted, by T.L. Cooper

Speak the Truth: Words, Thoughts, and Desires, by Robin L. Coletrain

Secrets and Sacrifices, by Diane Wylie

Just Love Her: A Mother’s Journey of Healing Through her Daughter’s Drug Addiction, by Trina Hayes

Color Me Grey, by J.C. Phelps

Target of Vengeance, by Rebecka Vigus

A Collection of Poetry: Matters of the Heart Revealed, by Robin M. Bellamy

After Eventide, by Catherine Olson

TESTAROSSA, by Julie Dolcemaschio


20. Dear Daisy, by Jane Marla VerDow

19. The Point, by Victoria Blisse

18. What Luck! by Alex Knight (Alex Knight is not related to me:)

17. Reason to Believe, by Leslie Ann Dennis

16. The Return, by Marjorie Gilbert

15. Living Life Inside Out, by Barb Kampbell

14. White Room, by Nathan Wheat (Author refused to give web information.)

13. Mermaids on Parade, by Melanie Hope Greenberg

12. The Voiceless Many, by Michael Paul Miller

11. Bitten, by Tracey H. Kitts

10. Blood Drops, by Ron Barrios

9. The Sorcerer’s Songs, by Kiki Howell

8. Grow! Upside Down In a Green World, by Dana Leslie Mead

7. Random Thoughts of a Simple Mind, by Fred C. Gilmer

6. Sweet Dreams, by Aaron Patterson

Here are the top 5, as voted by TEAM KNIGHT:

5. Scorned, by Gwendolyn Graves

4. A Touch of Deceit, by Gary Ponzo

3. Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries, by Stephen Penner

2. God, 217, and Me, by Marla J. Foster (Connect with Marla on Facebook.)

1. Darlington Woods, by Mike Dellosso

Thank you to all the authors who sent in their submissions. Every title was terrific.

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  1. Thank you for doing this. Wanted to let everyone know as well that all our titles are on Amazon, Apple B&N and Borders as e-books. Sweet Dreams is only 2.99 on amazon. Most of our e-books are 2.99 or less.

    If you want to keep up on e-book news or want to know all about them and get writing tips check out my blog:

    Aaron Patterson

  2. Even if it is just for fun, #11 is pretty awesome:)