Market Your Marketing

blog-350,000 new books are published each month. 25,000 new products are released each year. This doesn’t count the books and products that are already out.

All of them are promoting. All are fighting for market share.

You don’t have the power or money for market share, so you’re looking for mindshare.

This is gaining the attention of readers by spending the least amount of money possible.

With thousands of books flooding the market each day, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Market Your Marketing

Marketing is communicating the value of your books to potential readers.

It takes people several “views” of our marketing to sink in their brains, eventually connecting with them on an emotional level to the point they want to purchase the book.

Example of reaching potential readers by Marketing Your Marketing

You publish a printed book.

You market the printed book by offering a free eBook version if the printed book is purchased.

You market the free eBook offer in a newsletter.

You market the newsletter on social media.

Your market your social media with a YouTube video.

Your market the YouTube video by writing a blog.

Your market the blog in the next newsletter and follow up with social media.

Everything should be interchangeable and supporting each other. This is gives you maximum exposure and the highest return for book sales.

So the next time you market a book, consider one marketing idea, then support that marketing idea with a different marketing idea, and so on.

Here’s a quote in the book, 12 Month Author Marketing Plan, “Being different is the only edge you have over thousands of unproven authors that are doing the same thing.”

Most authors aren’t Marketing their Marketing, so there’s an opportunity for you.

Ron Knight

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