Making Money by Reading

9RCIt’s said that people who read for fun and read to improve their skills make 5 times more than people that are not reading on their own.

However, I hear all the time people say, “I read over an hour a day, but I’m not rich!”

The reason that’s the case is because there’s two types of reading that you will do on your own:

  1. Read for fun, which will help you relax.
  2. Read to improve, which will expand your imagination and create unique ideas.

You can read 10 hours a day, but that won’t make you wealthy. It all depends on the purpose of your reading which will then earn you more money.

Example schedule of improving and becoming wealthy:

HINT: Doing 9 minutes of each will drastically improve your skills and can be done throughout the day, totaling less than an hour!!!

~ Read fiction in short bursts. TIP: Read all kinds of different genres, along with books for all ages.

~ Read business books in short bursts. (Marketing, Networking, Sales, etc…) TIP: Keep a notepad with you to write down ideas.

~ Read inspirational books in short bursts.

~ Read biographies in short bursts. TIP: Especially books on business people that made it big.

~ Listen to audio CD’s in the car in short bursts. (Fiction, business books, inspirational.)

~ Watch short burst videos. TIP: Download the “TED” app.

You are doing this to improve your talents, improve your life, and gain unique ideas that will benefit others. Whether you own a business, write books, or you’re an actor, this is how successful people throughout history have made it to the top.

Why read in short bursts?

~ To give your imagination a chance to catch up and create unique ideas to improve.

~ It helps make more difficult reading easier.

~ It’s a 9 minute stress reliever throughout the day.

How will reading in short bursts improve your skills?

“The reason successful people read to improve themselves is because it separates them from the competition and they are able to see more opportunities.” ~ Success Magazine

“Creativity has become the most powerful tool in reaching world-class levels of performance in both business and life.” ~ Josh Linkner, Entrepreneur of the Year

“88% of wealthy CEO’s read books to help improve skills. 12% read books just for fun.” ~ The Road to Reinvention, by Josh Linkner

“CEO’s who take the time to read about the experiences of other business leaders have an advantage.” ~ Joel Trammell, Forbes Contributor

“The most important leadership quality for business leaders is creativity.” ~ Fast Company, Poll of CEO’s

“CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies read an average of four to five books a month.” ~ Mike Myatt, N2Growth

“We may only have one more opportunity to bring back reading for fun…twenty years of plummeting reading skills can be solved in 9 minutes.” ~ Ron Knight

Join the 9 Minute Reading Challenge and make a commitment to improving…

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