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Last Call, by Alannah Lynne


February 22nd, 2013

Last Call, by Alannah Lynne win BEST COVER in the UP Authors Erotic/Romance contest!

Interview with Alannah Lynne:

UP: The Last Call book cover was amazing. Tell us about how it came together.

A:  Thank you!! I emailed the amazing Tricia “Pickyme” Schmitt, told her I needed a cover, and that’s what she came back with. I’m usually a pain in the butt and want this or that changed, but not this cover. I fell in love and squealed and said, “That’s awesome!” and that was that. LOL

UP: What corporate experience or research had been needed to write Last Call?

A: I did some research to figure out the actual name of Gavin’s field, for when he described it to Sunny, but that was it. Most of my research was figuring out a good incendiary device and how to make it NOT go off.

UP: How many hurricanes have you seen go by, or hit the Carolina coast?

A: I’ve lived here since ’92 and I’ve lost count! Some stick in my mind more than others – Bertha (my first), Fran (later that same year). Emily (My SIL’s name). My husband said, “If I’m not fighting one Emily, I’m fighting another!” LOL  Irene did tremendous damage last year. There’ve been a LOT!

UP: Who is your favorite NASCAR driver?

A: Mark Martin is my all-time favorite. Carl Edwards is a close second. I’m also a Dale Jr. fan, but don’t tell anyone. 😉

UP: Which would you rather have: Mexican take-out or a box of Krispy Kreme donuts?

A: Someone’s been reading my bio! 😀 Wow…. I’m not sure. That’s a tough one. Actually, my favorite Mexican restaurant is a block away from the KK, I have to drive right past it, so I might just cheat and get both!

UP: Why is the perception that female authors should dress up and male authors can get away with t-shirt and jeans?

A:  I don’t think this applies to just authors. I think, in general, it’s more expected that women should look a certain way, more “presentable” than men. At least in my area that’s the case. I’ve never fit the mold, though. I was dressed in jeans and boots and jerseys when I was little and it stuck!

UP: Describe what “Contemporary Erotic Romance” is all about.

A:  To me, it’s a modern setting with a modern couple (which usually means a strong, self-sufficient heroine, and a hero that isn’t threatened by her strength), and a LOT of hot sex! 😀

UP: What is the key to a sexy story?

A: A strong emotional connection. It’s not just sex for the sake of sex – that’s erotica (at least to me). A sexy romance has two individuals that grow into a couple, and their sexual experiences play a large part in that growth.

UP: Who supports you the most in your writing?

A: I’m lucky to have a huge support system. My parents (both sets), my boys, and especially my husband. He goes out of his way to do anything he can to support me. He’s always been my biggest fan. And that’s really nice! 🙂

UP: If there is one piece of advice you could give new authors, what would it be?

A: Write the truth, as your characters see/believe it. In my newest release, Crossing Lines, my hero does something I knew the readers wouldn’t like. But I had to write it truthfully. It was a risk, and I could only hope the reader could forgive him (so far, the reviews have been positive), but the story had to be written truthfully. That can be really scary sometimes, but it’s crucial to be authentic. IMO. 🙂

UP Authors Award 2013A: Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the UP Authors contest and congratulations to the other runner-up’s as well!!

“Alannah Lynne is sensational and guaranteed to keep you UP!” ~ UP Authors

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  1. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in the contest, and for choosing “Last Call” as the best cover. And for doing the interview! This entire contest has been a great experience!

  2. Great interview Alannah… Congrats!!

  3. Becki Wyer says:

    I love Alannah Lynne. All of her books are worth reading.

  4. Great interview! I feel a connection as I live up the coast a little, and have endured some of the same hurricanes, and I love NASCAR (I’m In Daytona this weekend for the 500!) My first time at this track, and I’m excited!

    I have not read any of Alannah’s books, but this is on my TBR list now =) Awesome cover!