Interview with Ron Knight

I thought a great way to start our author series is with Ron Knight. Ron has written quite a few books and I work with him as his marketing manager. It will be a year in October that Ron and myself have been working together. Since then we have worked very hard on not focusing so much on getting published but more on building his fans and reputation as a knowledgable author. We have upgraded the graphic design of his new books, going with a simplier higher end look. I have worked with him to learn to use facebook and blogging to their fullest. We are currently working on building him a professional website. All of these things make him more marketable and more appealing to the traditional publishers that are out there.   

  1. What is your definition of success?
    Doing what you love, everyday.
  2. Why have you been given the gift of writing stories?
    So I can bring joy to others.
  3. How much time do you spend reading each day?
    1-2 hours. However, I read in 10-15 minute spurts throughout the day.
  4. As an author, what is your greatest fear?
    That I will stop believing in myself or lose confidence.
  5. What are some of the biggest mistakes that authors are making?
    Trying to publish a book before it is ready. Ignoring experts in the publishing industry. Lack of patience. Not reading everyday.
  6. What is getting in the way of your ultimate dreams?
  7. How do you cope with humbling moments as an author?
    Writing, praying, and reading the bible, will get me through any humbling times.
  8. In what areas do you need improvement as an author?
    I can do everything better. There’s never a point when I become perfect in any area of reading, writing, or marketing.
  9. What is the most difficult decision you had to make as an author?
    Get a job where I punch a clock, or continue being an author.
  10. How are you perceived by the public? How do you want to be perceived?
    I think the public sees me as helpful, a little arrogant, yet humble, with a pinch of talent. I want to be perceived by the public as helpful, a little arrogant, yet humble, with a pinch of talent. 
  11. If there are a million authors, how can anyone notice your work?
    If someone is reading my book, they do not have time to pay attention to a million other authors.
  12. What is it like having a literary marketing manager?
    Changed my life. Melissa Link oversees every aspect of my career and her advice has been nothing less than perfect.
  13. Can you describe your current book in twenty words or less?
    Average people become future killers, when life gives them little other choice. (The Future Kills.)
  14. What service does your book provide to readers?
    I like to place characters in situations that can happen to anyone in the world. The readers of my books are entertained and terrified in the same moment.
  15. Describe your reader.
    Middle-class women, between the ages of 34-48, married or divorced, living in a suburb or near a major city.
  16. Self-publishing or traditional publishing?
    Self-publishing does not help an author grow. Traditional publishing is the one true way to have a career as an author.
  17. What are your thoughts about e-books?
    Hardback books are my favorite. However, I’m willing to adjust with the times.
  18. What have you done today to fulfill your dreams?
    Reading, writing, marketing, and helping others. It’s what I did yesterday and what I’ll be doing tomorrow.
  19. What is the best path to becoming a full-time author?
    Learn from others who have done it already.

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