Interview with Lisa Comstock

Lisa Comstock

For my second interview, I asked author Lisa Comstock to be my guest. I have been working with Lisa for the last couple of months. We are currently building her fan base and her exposure to readers.

Lisa has three self-published books that are all part of The Brimtier Chronicles. She has several other books in the works. Lisa is an example of faith and dedication to all authors.

  1. “What is your definition of success?”
    Personal success is seeing my name on the cover of a book – which has been my dream for as long as I can remember. Professional success is knowing I have made a reader forget all their problems for a few hours.
  2. “Why have you been given the gift of writing stories?”
    Because the world needs more adventure and I enjoy giving them stories of it.
  3. “How much time do you spend reading each day?
    All combined about 12 to 15 hours.
  4. “As an author, what is your greatest fear?”
    That someone will misunderstand me and what I write.
  5. “What are some of the biggest mistakes that authors are making?”
    Alienating their audience and not making themselves accessible to them.
  6. “What is getting in the way of your ultimate dreams?”
    My physical location (rural New England) and finances – can’t afford book shows and conventions. (To market myself more.)
  7. “How do you cope with humbling moments as an author?”
    Self-depreciating humor mostly. My most humbling moment was when my 16 year old niece said she wanted to be an author just like me.
  8. “In what areas do you need improvement as an author?”
    In being able to express my story vision in words – trying to make it sound right.
  9. “What is the most difficult decision you had to make as an author?”
    To be willing to sacrifice time with friends and family to write, go to shows and promote book – missing out on time spent with them.
  10. “How are you perceived by the public? How do you want to be perceived?”
    It surprises some that I am a woman writing about pirates. I think most think I would be writing romance novels. I want to be taken seriously – I have a lot to say and want people to open their minds to hear it.
  11. “If there are a million authors, how can anyone notice your work?”
    My work is refreshing, bold and exciting – I can tell them stories no one else can.
  12. “What is it like having a literary manager?”
    Different. I like knowing there is someone else helping me to get my books out to the world, though it is hard to release the reins, so to speak. I like to be the one in control.
  13. “Can you describe your current book in twenty words or less?”
    A space pirate walking the fine line between hero and criminal when he doesn’t want to be either.
  14. “What service does your book provide to readers?”
    Escapism. It is a way to forget their own problems for a while.
  15. “Describe your reader.”
    Mostly middle age and middle class – tends to lean more to female
  16. Self-publishing or traditional publishing?”
    Prefer traditional.
  17. “What are your thoughts about e-books?”
    I like the concept but I am a traditionalist who prefers the tactile feel of a true book.
  18. “What have you done today to fulfill your dreams?”
    I am working on a final read thru of the 4th book in The BrimTier Chronicles series to ready it for publishing and working on getting book 2 in the series on audio book.
  19. “What is the best path to becoming a full-time author?”
    Getting more readership, building an audience that likes me as an author and wants all my current and future books.

To learn more about Lisa Comstock and The BrimTier Chronicles visit her website

Melissa Powley