Interview with Liane Moonraven

Best First ChapterUP: The first chapter of The Broken Sword is powerful and entertaining. How many times did you revise it? 

LM: Thank you! The first chapter was completely revised three times and edited oh, about five times after the last revision. The final product is far from how it started and I kept at it until I finally felt comfortable with it. 

UP: Tell us about The Broken Sword

LM: My husband took me to Medieval Times for my birthday one year and it was the first time I had been there. We were seated in the Blue Knight’s section and it was wonderful! Since we were on the front row, I was very close to the action and actually caught the carnation. I had such a wonderful time and was so impressed with the knight’s showmanship, the experience stayed with me for a quite a while.

At the time, I was already mentally preparing a story about King Arthur and the Medieval Times experience played into my plans nicely. Matt, the Blue Knight, inspired one of the main characters of my book and I actually dedicated the book to him.

The book went untitled for a year after I finished it because I just could not come up with something that pleased me. Then one night, just as I lay down to go to sleep, the title came to me.

I became so consumed with the story, I finished the novel in just three months. 

UP: What fascinates you most about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? 

LM: I would say their dedication to their cause. They were brave and honorable men and gained little reward for their sacrifices. Chivalry is an admirable character trait, which is what the Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur signify to me. When I think of King Arthur and his knights, I think of strong, feral, fierce warriors with hearts of gold. And of course they were all good looking and great lovers! 

UP: When did you first start pursuing a career in writing? 

LM: I had pen pals when I was in the eighth grade and I always maintained a diary from a young age as well. I wrote my first short story in the third grade, but it wasn’t until I was in college that I practiced my writing and began honing my talent.

Later, I joined a King Arthur writing group online and it was as if I’d reached Nirvana! I finished The Broken Sword in 2007. There were naysayers, but I always believed in the story and I held onto it. I met my publisher by pure chance at a convention. I sent her a sample of my writing and a different story. It wasn’t until after I signed with her that I mentioned The Broken Sword. She read it, liked it and we ran with it. We haven’t even revisited that other story yet! LOL 

UP: Talk about your family and the impact they have on your author career? 

LM: My family has been amazingly supportive of me by allowing me to disappear when I need to write. They always encouraged me to keep going and they are very proud of me. My husband was skeptical at first, not fully understanding why I spent hours at a time at the computer, but now he is my biggest fan. 

UP: What book are you working on? 

LM: Right now I am working on the sequel to The Broken Sword which is titled Shields of Blood, scheduled for release in October 2012. The Broken Sword lays the foundation for characterization, familiarizing the reader with the characters and their personalities. Shields of Blood plot is much deeper because now that we know who everyone is, we can concentrate more on a rich, intricate story. I did a lot more research for Shields than was required for Sword and I am excited to see the readers’ responses! 

UP: What is needed for a terrific romantic scene in a book? 

LM: *laughs* I think the writer has to really use all five senses when writing a terrific romantic scene and put themselves directly in the action. In a romantic scene, the details are important. A writer has to see, feel, hear, taste and even smell what the characters do. You have to remember where each limb and body part is at all times, remember whose hand is where and what it’s doing, and make the writing (character movements) flow together like a dance. The scene has to be realistic, sexy and most importantly stimulating. It’s important to use sexy, erotic language without sounding cheesy or pornographic. Coming up with sexy words to describe certain things can be challenging, but boy is it fun! 

UP: Will you explore other genres in the future? 

LM: I am currently working on a creepy historical fiction based on the Salem Witch Trials. A descendent of Tituba’s is being haunted by some familiar spirits the readers will recognize. Even though the story takes place during modern day, the trials will play an important part of why things are starting to get weird for her. I enjoy writing historical fiction with my own special sprinklings of romance, suspense, and a bit of horror. I feel very comfortable here. 

However, if there is a demand for more Arthur and the knights, I am certainly favorable to planning a book three! 

UP: Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

LM: Posing on the red carpet when The Broken Sword is made into a movie? LOL!

Hopefully enjoying some of the fruits of my labor, but with my lap top and reading glasses typing up the next story, of course!

UP: It was a pleasure talking to you. We are looking forward to watching you Rise UP, while succeeding in every aspect of being an author.

LM: Thank you so much for having me. I am both honored and humbled by receiving this award. Readers can find me at

(Interview conducted by Ron Knight, co-founder of UP Authors.)



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