Interview with David Earl

  1. “What is your definition of success?”
    My definition of success is being able to earn a living with my books and characters.
  2. “Why have you been given the gift of writing stories?”
    I don’t know why I can write stories the way I do, but I do believe that everyone has something they are naturally good at – I think writing is my thing.
  3. “How much time do you spend reading each day?”
    I don’t read each day; I read when the feeling hits me, and then I tend to read for hours.
  4. “As an author, what is your greatest fear?”
    The one thing that I’m most fearful of as a writer, is not pursuing my work hard enough. I often feel that I should be doing more.
  5. “What are some of the biggest mistakes that authors are making?”
    I think that too many authors restrict themselves to one writing genre. We all have
    the ability to write in various styles, and sometimes we overlook potential creative
    outlets by adhering to one genre of writing.
  6. “What is getting in the way of your ultimate dreams?”
    I often feel that I am getting in the way of my ultimate goal of being a self-supportive writer and developer of children’s characters. I need to push myself more.
  7. “How do you cope with humbling moments as an author?”
    I cope with humbling moments in my writing by accepting the fact that I am always learning how to write better. I know that I don’t know all there is about writing, so that makes it easy for me to not beat myself up when I really mess something up.
  8. “In what areas do you need improvement as an author?”
    I believe I need improvement in the amount of time I commit to writing. I don’t think I write often enough to explore the various writing styles that I’d like to pursue.
  9. “What is the most difficult decision you had to make as an author?”
    The most difficult decision I’ve had to make as an author to date, is to let people
    know that I was writing professionally. I’ve always been hesitant to bring attention to my writing, and I still don’t think that I announce my writing enough.
  10. “How are you perceived by the public? How do you want to be perceived?”
    I’m not sure how I’m perceived by the public, as I don’t think I’ve gained much
    exposure. However, I’d like to be perceived as someone who develops fun,
    interesting characters and stories for children.
  11. “If there are a million authors, how can anyone notice your work?”
    If my work was part of a conglomerate of millions of other works, I believe my
    character illustrations and distinctive character traits and personalities would make them stand out. I believe that good illustration is key to having the reader/viewer be able to see and feel what’s going on with the character throughout the characters various personality shifts.
  12. “What is it like having a literary manager?”
    Having a Literary Manager is Great! The Literary Manager can guide me through various aspects of the literary/publishing industry that I would otherwise not be aware of. A Literary Manager is especially helpful in one of the most crucial aspects of writing – Marketing.
  13. “Can you describe your current book in twenty words or less?”
    I’d describe my current book “Koala Koala – I’m Not A Bear, I’m A Koala”, as a
    children’s picture-book, that will entertain and educate, with great illustrations, and a fun storyline that will challenge the readers.
  14. “What service does your book provide to readers?”
    I believe my book provides the readers with a resource that will not only entertain
    them, but will also educate them regarding the natural world and the animals that
    live in it. My book also illustrates how important it is to not let others wrongly
    label you as something or someone that you are not, and how we must sometimes
    work hard to develop our own identity, no matter what others may think we are.
  15. “Describe your reader.”
    I would describe my readers as everyone who is able to read and enjoy a good
    story. My reader is the grandmother reading to her grandson, the grandfather
    reading to his granddaughter, the mother reading to her daughter, the father reading to his son, the big brother reading to his little sister, the little brother showing his big sister how well he can read his favorite story, the big sister reading her little brother’s favorite story when he’s not around because she likes it too. The readers of my story spans all ages, gender’s, cultures, and imagination types. A good children’s story is read by all at one time or another.
  16. Self-publishing or traditional publishing?”
    My current storybook is a self-published children’s picture-book.
  17. “What are your thoughts about e-books?”
    I think e-books are a natural transition of the publishing industry, similar to the
    transition recently experienced by the music industry. I look forward to my stories being distributed in e-book format.
  18. “What have you done today to fulfill your dreams?”
    Today, I completed this survey of questions, which have enlightened me in a few
    aspects of my writing that I need to put more work into. I believe that any
    aspect of writing, including answering questions about writing, will help make me a
    better writer and take me further toward my goals as a writer.
  19. “What is the best path to becoming a full-time author?”
    I think the best path to becoming a full-time author, is the one that works best for you as an individual. Like almost everything else in life of a personal nature, there is no one size fits all way of doing things. We all have to find the way that works best for us as individuals, and then constantly work at it and fine tune it as we go. We can then share with others what we’ve learned through our experiences, so that they can develop a path that works best for them. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you (authors) with; I’ve learned a few things so far during my journey on my path to success.

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