Interview with an Author Series

In the next couple of weeks we will be starting a new blog series that will post once a week. In this series we will be interviewing different authors.  Unlike the traditional author interview we will be asking questions that will be more related to the process and struggle of being an author. 

We developed the idea for this series based on the wonderful feedback we have from you the UPAuthor fans on Ron Knights blog posts. And the whole concept of upauthors is authors banding together and helping each other. So I thought what a great way to help each other than to share what different authors have encountered along their path to becoming an author. We will be featuring authors from all types of genres and in different stages of being an author.

 Look for the first in this series to come out in the next couple of days.


Melissa Powley
UPAuthors Co-Founder

Melissa Powley



  1. Great idea! I can’t wait for the first installment! 🙂