Inspirtation for Authors

Print this list and read it when you need confidence:

* I am not going to waste my gift.

* The world needs my book.

* Everyday, I will do something to fulfill my dream.

* My experiences, good and bad, will be useful in my books.

* The only person that can stop me from becoming a published author is me.

* I will adjust my ways of writing as I learn from the best in the publishing industry.

* Looking back over the last five years, I have accomplished so much.

* Looking ahead to the next five years, I will accomplish even more.

* My big break could be one month away. I should act accordingly.

* What I learned, I can share with other authors.

* 10 million people want to read my book. I need to finds ways to reach them.

* I am glad that my career will not take off in a week, month, or even a year, because I need experience as an author.

* My life can change in a day.

* How much money I make, will be determined if my books serve others.

* I was born to be an author.

* How good of an author I will be, will depend on how many books I read.

* The only sure thing about publishing is that I will not give up.

* My perseverance will overcome my obstacles.

* My destiny is not dependant on the world, but rather it is dependant on me.

* I have the number one quality of any bestselling author…patience.

* When publishing experts tell me what I did wrong, that is a good, because I will never make that mistake again.

* No one can be tougher on me, than me.

* I will not let anyone steal the joy I have of being an author.

* I can build my publishing contacts by showing interest in others, rather than begging people to show interest in me.

* I do not have all the tools for greatness…at least, not yet. But I will.

* I am not going to wait around for someone to notice me. I will make myself known.

* I cannot start that new book, until I write the first sentence.

* I cannot finish my new book, until I write the last sentence.

* The biggest mistake I can make, is not to be an author.

* Every word I write, every time I talk about my books, I will do it with boldness, sincerity, and enthusiasm.

* I am not going to let one book idea travel with me to the grave. I will write every book that I can imagine.

* Authors place value on every second of the day.

* One conversation with someone in the publishing industry, is equal to reading ten books on the subject.

* Publishers are not giving me greatness. I am give them greatness.

* My success will be measured by not how many books I’ve written, but rather how many days I spent as an author.

* The needs of my readers are more important than my needs.

* My characters tell the story and I write the book.

* Authors never think about how much money they can make.

* The slower the publishing process, the more books I’ll have time to write. 

* It’s not good enough to write the book. The book has to be good.

* The more I brag about my perfect writing skills, the more people will find imperfections in my writing.

* If I’m in a hurry, it means I am not patient. If I am not patient, I should not be an author.

* It would be insulting to others who believe in me, if I give up.

* There are millions of people who cannot do what I can.

* What a shame it would be, if the world did not see my book. I will not let that happen.

* I would rather be correct, than fast.

* I am not worried about someone else having a similar idea, because they cannot write like I can.

* I will read everyday, even if it’s just for a minute.

* I am not traditional…I am Untraditional.

* I am going to have a career as an author. I can be sure of this, because it is the only thing I want to do.

Personal Note: I want to tell you something, right from my heart. You have the gift of becoming a great author. Your determination and passion is what brought you to this point. If I knew nothing else about you…that would be enough.

Ron Knight

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