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A MCS BLOG 9Did you know that 40% of self-published authors have been writing books for 10 years or more? Did you know that traditional publishing has been around for 90 years?

The top 6 traditional publishing houses control 98% of the market. This means that millions of self-published authors, along with midlist authors and small publishing houses are battling for that 2%.

The key to a self-published author being successful in marketing is doing things better than traditional publishers and chip away at that 98% market domination. How can that be done?

~ Use your time wisely as if every minute of the day represents a thousand dollars.

~ Invest funding into a marketing plan that gives you the maximum benefit and the best opportunity to sell books. Check out 12 Month Author Marketing Plan. (This book only costs 99 cents!!!)

~ Earn $50,000 a year as an author. This blog will show you the way.

~ Using traditional advertising will build your sales faster than social media. Check out this comparative blog called Becoming a Successful Author.

~ Check out the hundreds of blogs on UP Authors for more marketing advice.

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