How Can a Web Professional Help an Author?

How can a web developer help an author? An average author will probably have a basic website, social media, and a marketing campaign. However, most authors need to improve specific areas of web development to increase book sales and readership.

Web developers will integrate everything together on your website, whether is it syncing applications or linking websites to one another to increase SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

Web developers do not just put social icons on a website, but also embed a widget so that the visitors of your web page can like or even tweet right from your website. Readers do not have to go to Facebook, log in, then become distracted by notifications and forget about your website. Keeping readers on your website is the key. With widgets, the reader can post a comment on your page and like, tweet, or plus 1 without ever leaving.

Integrating social media or even a shopping cart to sell an authors book through Amazon, Paypal, and other vendors is a productive advantage to authors. Web developers will generate simple user friendly items that will keep fans and readers engaged with the author. The reader will be intrigued and come back for more!

Starting that connection will keep the fans engaged with the author and boost their fans on Facebook, create more traffic, and get people talking about that author, which will create more book sales.

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