Greatest Testimonial Ever!

One day, you will write a book that is so amazing, someone will write a testimonial for you that equals your talent. Print this out and hang on your wall next to where you write, so you can be reminded what a great novel looks like.  

“Riveting, juiced-up morality tale, predicted blockbuster success, cinematic hairsbreadth escapes, crosses, then double crosses, explosions, furious fisticuffs, careening plot twists, hearty serving of meat-and-potatoes action, the sort of sparkle that fans relish, compelling read, retains the breathless pace throughout, a worthy and capable writer, high-voltage entertainment, honest, impossible to put down, killer of a thriller,

“constant intrigue, action aplenty, bloody good fun, fast, violent, fascinating, superb melodrama, enough excitement to exhaust the hardiest reader, brave enough to change the course of history, keeping even the most experienced readers guessing, something you should not read if you have work the next day, more surprises than a six-pack of thriller writers combined, light-years beyond literary competition in swagger plot twists upon plot twists, until the mesmerized reader is held captive,

“dominated by adventure, while drenched in thrills, truly important, riveted from the first word to the last, when no one in the world is writing better than this, with pitch-perfect prose full of joy, a favorite in suspense, elegant by any literary standard, sensational, guaranteed to keep you up, a natural born writing artist who has remarkable talent, enormous power, depth, intensity, right on the money, will take over your personal life, characters that relate to anyone, witty and erudite, lays claim to one of America’s heavyweight titles as best author, cinematic writing, powerful visual, images, nonstop action,

“excitement rises with each page, combining knowledge of humanity with greater talent for creating suspense, master storyteller, excelling when others have failed, sleek, utterly gripping, cuts to the most basic and perhaps the most satisfying of all human emotions, bound to attract new readers, a sit back and enjoy the ride kind of story, smart and most accomplished, notches above any other intelligent thriller, pure genius, one of the finest mysteries ever read,

“amazing tale with enigma piled on secrets that are stacked on riddles, absorbing, perfect for conspiracy nuts, puzzle lovers, or anyone who appreciates a great spellbinding book, entrancing, the more you read the more you had to read, absorbing details, could not get enough, hook-of-all-hooks, takes off down a road that is eye-opening as it is page-turning, gleefully erudite suspense, delightfully in the lead of any other author, breathless chase, coaxing through hoops, all satisfying, most unexpected,

“the kind of novel that better get your pulse racing or you need to check your meds, thundering fun ride, does not slow down, powerful narrative engine despite transmitting several doctorates worth of fascinating history, brain candy of the highest quality, a quest, spelling binding re-examination of ones life, impossible to forget, mandatory read, solidifies reputation of the most skilled writers on the planet,

“evolves into a pulse-pounding excursion keen on a combination of nightmares and terror, taut and razor sharp, demanding to be read with the lights on or off, unique and hugely compelling, relentless on each page, chilling, putting the foot on the gas pedal and does not let up, intriguing new protagonist, spare elegiac tone with a perfect voice, a tale that had to be told, rings true, characters like pit bulls that never give up,

“hangs on to the bitter end, master of structure, with a story that continues to drive forward, paragraph by paragraph, a runaway-locomotive style, crisp and perfectly angled plot, snaps in a different direction at least a dozen times, plays clean like violin, terrifyingly realistic, surprise at ever corner, authoritatively orchestrated thriller, roaring through hundreds of pages without turning back, intensified emotions, rhythmic building to rousing climaxes,

“hurtles the reader along in a breakneck speed obstacle race in which the objective of the hero is to impose a thrill that grapples the reader and has them begging mercy.” 

Someday, I hope you write a novel that lives up to that testimony… 

Ron Knight 

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