Giving Yourself a Pep Talk

One of the hardest things for authors to do is stay confident. The road to success is long, filled with obstacles, setbacks, and plenty of rejection letters. For some that self-published their book, sales can be low, making the author wonder if they should continue trying.

It is so important for authors to learn how to give themselves a pep talk. After all, being an author is a lonely job. You read on your own. You write on your own. You research on your own. You write blogs on your own. You do most of the marketing on your own.

To overcome negative thoughts and humbling moments, write down every time someone gives you a compliment. Your list may start with one line, then two, and three. Before you know it, you will have pages filled with flattering remarks. Whenever you feel down, you can refer to those compliments and instantly transform your emotions to an author filled with self-confidence.

Here are some places that you may receive a compliment or testimony:

~ Blogs

~ Posts in Social Media

~ Speaking Engagements

~ Events

~ Emails

~ Media Outlets

~ Reviews

~ From other authors, along with family and friends

~ Fans that approach you in the grocery store

Keep a notebook with you and jot down each time someone gives you praise. Then, post those testimonies on your website. This will benefit you in two ways:

~ Whenever you are feeling down, it is a quick reference for you to look over.

~ It build’s credibility when others research you and see a nice list of testimonies on your website.

When you go to my website and click on the Testimonies, you may even see your own name. There are wonderful benefits to writing something nice about someone else:

~ You help others.

~ You receive a little extra promotion.

The path to author success can indeed shred your confidence. When that happens, look at your list of testimonies and compliments, then move forward with a big smile…

Ron Knight

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