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The information in this blog and the list provided is life changing. Do not dismiss the simple idea of short burst activities in order to succeed.

Short burst activities help you consume different ideas. You then combine those ideas into something unique. Once you have ideas that no one else has, then you’re the one who receives the money!

Unique ideas are developed in two ways:

  • Creating something special that will benefit a certain market of people.
  • Creating a special plan to reach the market.

If you need more reasons for short bursting activities, here they are:

~ Build motivation, confidence, and patience.

~ Develop a purpose in life.

~ Difficulties you once had will become easier.

~ Clarifying your career goals.

~ The best stress reliever you’ll ever find!

54 Minute Success Plan!

Read ANY fiction book for 9 Minutes a day.

  • It will sharpen your instincts.
  • You will better understand the emotions of other people.
  • Your mental activity improves, especially with memory.
  • Creates unique ideas by developing your imagination.

Read any business book for 9 Minutes a day. (Leadership, marketing, sales, motivation, etc.)

  • Expands your vocabulary.
  • Improves your communication skills.
  • You will develop unique marketing ideas.

Read a business magazine for 9 Minutes a day. (Success, Inc., Forbes, etc.…)

  • Receive the latest business and marketing information to build your career.
  • Build confidence in making creative decisions.
  • Learn how to become disciplined with your career.

Read an autobiography, biography, or a book on a famous person for 9 Minutes a day.

  • Similar to having a mentor.
  • Motivating, guiding, and changes your viewpoints of the world.
  • Discover your own hidden talents.

Read something inspirational and enlightening for 9 Minutes a day.

  • Gives you the power to overcome odds.
  • Direction, clarity, and a clearer future.
  • Helps avoid temptation and other worldly setbacks.

All of this only takes 54 minutes a day! You can do all the reading in one shot, which is comparable to switching channels, or you can read each of them throughout the day and evening.

The best place to start is the library, where you can read for free. You can also purchase inexpensive books in the discount section of chain bookstores, or Goodwill.

12 Month Author Marketing Plan has over 100 ideas for building your author career and selling books. If you mix and match the ideas provided, you will come up with something unique and amazing!!!

Ron Knight

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