Finding Your Target Audience

Narrowing down your target audience is critical to book sales. For example, here are a few things you need to know:

~ Who are your primary readers?

~ Where are your primary readers?

~ How will you reach your primary readers?

~ What will you say to your primary readers?

~ Why will your primary readers purchase your book?

If you can answer each of these questions in detail, you will have the best chance of to sell books.

The most productive and easiest way to find your target audience is to do this:

~ Browse a large section of magazines. (The best place is a bookstore, but anywhere that sells a large range of magazines works.)

~ Take a quick look at each magazine, along with the section the magazine has been placed in.

~ Choose one magazine that could be sold next to your book. (Similar genre, content, theme, etc…)

~ Do a Google Search on the magazine by listing the title and adding the word, “Readers.” For example, I write psychological thrillers. The magazine I found that best goes along with my books is Psychology Today. So I typed, “Psychology Today Magazine Readers” in a Google Search.

~ Once you have done that, you will have a ton of information to answer the above questions.

When I did a search on “Psychology Today Magazine Readers,” (PTM) I discovered:

~ How to pitch readers of PTM.

~ Background personalities of people that read PTM.

~ Comments from the Editor and Chief of PTM on how the magazine is building readers.

~ Things people learned from reading PTM.

~ Customer reviews.

~ Story ideas that readers found interesting.

~ Promotions and offers that PTM uses to gain readers.

~ Places where PTM is sold.

~ Different ways PTM can be used to influence readers.

~ Similar magazines to PTM and why certain readers chose magazines other than PTM.

And so much more!

It does not matter what genre you write in, because there is a magazine that corresponds with your book. You can let the magazine do all the hard work for you by researching THEIR ideas!

Ron Knight

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