Authors have plenty to fear. It does not matter if you are working on your first book, or your fiftieth book. Fear looms inside the authors mind, imagination, and spirit.

There are two types of fear:

~ An impending threat that is actually real.

~ An impending threat that is possibly real.

The most common example for authors is the fear of not selling books. After all, that is how an author makes a living. When you think about not selling books, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Perhaps it is, “If no one buys my books, then I cannot live my dream as an author!”

Is the lack of book sales an actual threat, or a possible threat?

Remember that fear is just an emotion warning you that something is wrong. If someone points a gun at you and says, “I’m going to shoot,” that is an actual threat. On the other hand, if you get into an argument with someone and they say, “I’m going to kill you,” that is a possible threat.

So, is the lack of book sales a gun going off, which just ended your career? Or is the lack of book sales just a possible threat?

Another common threat to authors is rejection.

~ Negative response by book reviewers.

~ Refusal by literary agents and traditional publishers.

~ Dismissed by readers.

Rejection by reviewers, literary agents, publishers, and readers, builds fear into an author. I can sum up rejection with this statement, “At the moment, no one believes in you.”

Is rejection an actual threat? Or is rejection a possible threat?

Here are some ways to overcome your most fearful moments as an author.

~ If you have low book sales, what are you going to do about it? If you are rejected, then what are you going to do about it? Decide right now. Your road to success has many opportunities. However, if you concentrate on one path, then you should be very afraid.

~ Do not be dependant on others for your success. Eighteen years ago when I first started writing novels, I had a fear that my writing would be rejected by everyone. I made a decision to refine my skills in writing, learn everything about the publishing business, and learn how think like publishers and literary agents.

Over time, I realized that traditional publishing, self-publishing, and literary agents had value, but I could be successful using my own methods. I never sent in query letters, because I discovered different ways to market and sell my books. I wasn’t dependant on others, which took away all my fears of being an author.

~ Put yourself in a position to succeed. Excel in reading, storytelling, writing mechanics, marketing, branding, sales, and publishing. To be successful, readers need to approve you. If you continue to excel in every area of being an author, readers will naturally flock to you. 

~ Do no run away from problems. Fear is a sensation, warning you that something is actually wrong, or possibly wrong. Deal with everything in your life. Sometimes, that means swallowing your pride. It could mean that you need to admit you were wrong. The more you learn to deal with problems, the less fear you will have.

~ Decide right now that you will not live one second in fear. When that fearful emotion creeps into your author spirit, fight it with everything you have.

~ Most importantly, have faith, not fear. No one can be more confident in your author career, than YOU. I want you to envision your goals as an author several times a day. Do not let fear block you from that dream.

Think what your life as an author would be like if you did not have fear.

I can already see you smiling…

Ron Knight

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