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You should be able to gain at least 10% more readership through Facebook every couple of weeks and increase your book sales by that same 10%. In fact, experienced authors gain 30% readership every two weeks, because they know when a book is released it has a shelf-life of 120 days. So the experienced author has a specific social media and marketing campaign already in place.

Here are a few simple tips to get you on the right track:

Research Fan Pages of Successful Authors (Your Writing Genre)

~ What is the first image that jumps out at you?

~ What content do those authors use to gain fans?

~ How often does the author make a post?

~ What time of day is their posting done?

~ What posts work the best? Are they using book covers, event updates, web links, videos, questions? How are they engaging their readers?

~ How often do you see a reader post something on the author fan page?

~ How many people are “Talking about this” ???

~ Study your own Facebook page “Statistics.” What is working, what’s not working? What happened when you gained a large increase in fans?

Build Relationships, Don’t Sell

Facebook was created to be social. It’s was not created to sell anything. But that does not mean you cannot build readers and sell books. You just have to be more interested in other people, rather than hoping people will be interested in you.

If you go to a party and expect everyone to “like” you without showing interest in anyone else, then you should have just stayed home.

~ Successful Facebook Pages are run by authors that understand their reader’s needs and how to meet those needs.

~ Post three to five times a day. Every post should benefit your target audience in some way.

~ Watch the reaction to your posts so you know what is working and what is not working.

~ Go ahead and announce your books that you would like to sell, but if you make 30 posts a week, then no more than 4 posts should be used for sales. Even then, post your book in a way that intrigues the reader.

~ Build a pattern. For example, every Monday, post an inspirational quote. Every Tuesday, post a link to help your readers. Every Wednesday, post a video trailer. Every Thursday, post a contest. (And so on.) Readers will begin to notice your pattern and follow.


51% of reader’s that hit the “Like” button for a certain book will purchase that book. The key to success is this:

~ Your books must be well-written and entertaining, or all the Facebook posts in the world will not help you.

~ If your Facebook content benefits readers, they will follow you and purchase your books.

View your last fifty posts by looking through the eyes of your target audience. What do you see?

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