Every year, UP Authors holds a contest to give talented authors a substantial amount of promotion, along with putting authors in a position to increase their fan base and publishing network. And best of all, winning any kind of award is beneficial to an author’s success!

Erotic-Romance Authors have a chance to win in FIVE different categories:

  • Best Title!
  • Best First Chapter!
  • Sexiest Scene!
  • Best Cover! (Published Books Only)
  • Most Attractive Author!

UP Authors will promote the website of EVERY author that enters!

Multiple Winners in each category!

~ All winners will receive a JPEG Award Seal to post on their website, social media, or even in their book!

~ All winners will be announced in five different press releases, which will be posted in all UP Authors news feeds and media outlets!

~ Top winners will be interviewed, which will also be posted on UP Authors news feeds and media outlets!

~ All winners will receive a testimony from UP Authors to help build their fan base and book sales.

~ Top winners will be promoted on the UP Authors website for a year!

~ Top winner of BEST FIRST CHAPTER will have their chapter posted on UP Authors, along with their website and other links!

~ Top winner of SEXIEST SCENE will have their scene posted on UP Authors, along with their website and other links!

~ All winners of BEST COVER and MOST ATTRACTIVE AUTHOR will have their cover and/or photo posted on UP Authors and shared through the UP Author network!

~ An author may win in more than one category, which will increase the author’s promotion!

Submission Guidelines

~ Your genre must be Erotic-Romance.

~ Please send the following in a WORD attachment, or in the body of the email:

–         Your name, website, contact information, and book title that you are entering. You may also include any links to your books.

–         First chapter of your book.

–         A sexy scene from your book.

–         Attach a JPEG of your book cover.

–         Attach a JPEG of your author photo you would like to be judged.

–         (You may send attachments in separate emails if files are too large. However, make sure each email has your name, contact information, and book title. Also, let us know that you sent multiple emails.)

–         Label your email, CONTEST.

–         Email your entry to: info@upauthors.com

~ We will read and judge your first chapter, or first 5 pages, whichever is less.

~ Your scene can be from ANY part of your book.

~ Your scene must NOT exceed two pages.

~ Unpublished authors are welcome. However, you will not be judged on Best Cover.

~ You may submit multiple entries.

~ There is a $10.00 Entry Fee made payable to UP Authors. (The entry fee is necessary for us to pay our staff to go over all the submissions. UP Authors does not make a profit off the contests.)

You may use PayPal to pay your entry fee. If you must send a check, please make payable to UP Authors and mail to:

UP Authors

3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road

Sarasota, FL 34234

Contest Is Closed.

Important Dates

~ Entries will be accepted from December 1st, 2012 to January 31st, 2013.

~ Winners in each category will be announced in February of 2013. (Date is based on the amount of entries. We will keep you updated.)

Questions? Email us at info@upauthors.com 

If you would like to speak with the contest chairman, Ron Knight, email him at authorronknight@aol.com 

Also judging the contest are the staff at Brand Eleven Eleven: www.brand1111.com 

And remember…Keep Rising UP!!!