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Publishers and other companies like Amazon are using e-book advertising to increase revenue. This drives me nuts, but I understand the world is shifting in that direction. In fact, you can play video games, book trailers, and have detailed information about the author with each e-book.

I am far from an expert for the new e-book craze, since I like books with actual pages. At the same time, I won’t fight development and opportunities for authors. Which is bringing me to my point. If publishers can earn money from e-book advertising, why can’t authors? Also, why can’t authors who are doing everything themselves, have e-book promotions?

Let me be honest. (As always.) It is probably a little tacky to have an advertisement in the front or back of your e-book. In fact, it could ruin your story. Doing something like that reminds me of putting advertisements on the wall in baseball fields. Sure, it brings in revenue, but it takes away from the purity of the game.

I suppose if you write a health book, it would be okay to advertise for a local restaurant and help them out at the same time. You could charge a $1.00 for the advertising cost. (Every e-book you sell, the restaurant pays you a buck.)

If you write inspirational or religious books, maybe a church or Christian bookstore would advertise with you. If you write romance, your local Yankee Candle representative may want to advertise. Any theme that matches your genre should be okay.

Another way to advertise is to promote an authors book. In fact, you can promote several authors if want, because it will not look like an advertisement. Charge them .25 cents for each book you sell. Heck, charge them .10 cents; it’s all extra money!

If you do something like that, do not forget the poets. They could really use your help.

The next thing is promotions. Believe me, authors in the “loop” help promote each other. But what if you are a new author and would like an e-book promotion? The first thing to remember is that there are thousands of new authors. The second thing to remember (and never forget) is that all authors are on the same team.

I think a great promotion would be that you partner with another author and do a “Buy One e-Book, Get a Second FREE!”

Work out a deal ahead of time with one of the thousands of authors out there. You charge $2.00 for your e-book. When the sale comes in, you send the customer your book, along with the other authors e-book. You get a buck, the author gets a buck. (Make sure you send them the money.) The other author can do the same thing. They can sell their book for $2.00 and give out your e-book for free. When the money comes in, they send you the $1.00 per book.

This can also be done with hardbacks. I know authors that have a promotion where if you purchase their hardback, they will send you a free copy of an e-book from another author.

What is the catch? I have no idea. In fact, I will be looking for authors next year who are interested in these kinds of promotions. If I can help others this way, then I’m all for it!

As this year comes to a close, I want you to think about the things you will do in 2011. I want you to promise yourself to read everyday. Do not miss! I want you to promise yourself to keep writing and do not think of giving up. I want you to excel in marketing and promoting yourself. The world needs to know who you are.

And when the time is right, I want you to be signed by a publisher who will care about your work, especially those fantastic and entertaining stories you seem to write with such ease.

And stay in touch with me. If you need help or advice, let me know.

Take Care.

Ron Knight


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  1. Gene Cannan says:

    Hello, I decided to write a book about a popular medallion hunt in Wichita, ks, where I lived for 20 years, clues would be published until medallion was found from 1974-2000 and found nobody had documented the hunt for 30 years, 9 years cancelled from 2000-2009. I since obtained permission from the local newspaper and started gathering the clues. I have now completed the book and it is on Amazon under Wichita Eagle/Riverfest Medallion Hunt History, after not finding a cheap publisher, partially registered with gov. (Kindle is nice as I can update anytime). keeping them both updated on my work and I have all clues and explanations needed but have only written clues due to compilation rules. While it may not be for everyone, the contest expanded to Kansas for a new car prize for finding the medallion this year after trying different internet formats last couple of years. I have sold a few copies but not many, but could use a steady monthly income for expenses like everyone else. Any ideas on how to promote a book in a state market? no website right now. Gene (I now live in Arlington, tx after an llness but am mobile but not driving, mostly, just not a very good public speaker but am willing to try it out. Family is aware of the book activity, no free ads from Eagle or Riverfest folks that I know of. Paper runs the clues, riverfest prize giveaway awards) 2 years on Amazon, no reviews, tried updating searches Book is in Kansas Historical Society library, WSU library, Topeka,ks.