Doubters vs. Authors

A MCS Blogs 6“The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this notion rested solely on my suspicion that I would never be fit for real work, and that writing didn’t require any.” ~ Russell Baker.

If you’ve been writing for more than two years, then you may have heard others tell you to get a real job, or that becoming a famous author isn’t possible unless you have great connections.

Keep in mind that those who never wrote anything in their lives do not understand what it takes to be an author. They can be jealous of your gift and attempt to break you down to their level.

All my life I’ve heard that I should “Punch a clock,” or “Get a real job,” or “Have a backup plan in case being an author doesn’t work out.”

Nevertheless, do you know what didn’t work out for me? Punching a clock. Getting a real job. Or doing anything other than being an author. You can only succeed by trusting your gifts.

“The wills of real writers are too strong to be subdued.” ~ Charles Dickens in Drood.

If you’re an author, then you cannot do anything else as a career. Some say that’s a curse, but I say it’s a gift. You are unique, special, and have the opportunity to benefit the lives of millions of people with your words.

Think about all the negativity that goes along with being an author:

~ Rejection letters from literary agents and publishers.

~ One bad review has more impact than five great reviews.

~ The pressure to write 90,000 perfect words in a story.

~ Marketing to an audience that doesn’t live anywhere near you.

~ Having to sell books to pay bills.

It can be a pressure filled life, but you should understand that by doing the right things as an author, you will succeed and keep the doubters away from you.

Tips on becoming an author while making a decent living:

~ Read 30-50 books a year. Make sure to read fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, marketing, business, or even books that are collecting dust on library shelves.

~ Write in quick bursting sessions. This could mean an hour, or just 15 minutes. You will produce a new book every 90 days and the story will read with lightning speed.

~ Focus on gaining 100 LOYAL fans. Focus on areas with a population of mid to high income levels and people that read 20-25 books a year.

~ Invest $50 a month for marketing. You cannot depend on Social Media to produce results.

~ Do the most important things each day. Schedule your time for reading, writing, marketing, and exercising.

~ Use Untraditional Publishing. This means that you will combine your unique talents with every type of publishing in order to succeed.

“Writing is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to those who have none.” ~ Jules Renard.

Read, write, publish, market. Excelling in these areas will bring you a profitable career as an author and keep the doubters away…

Ron Knight

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