Do you want to quit?

A person that owns a film and production company, sent me this message on May 4th, 2011:

“I’m not giving up, but I’m having one of those days when it crosses my mind. I am ready for the next level, but it has been just out of reach for a decade. At age 52, I’m beginning to wonder.”

My response to this person:

If you had one of those days, then probably you will have another one. It sounds like you are in a rut and putting pressure on yourself because of your age.

Ask yourself these questions and try to find a new direction. And remember that NOTHING YOU HAVE DONE ALREADY WAS A WASTE OF TIME. Everything up to now is leading toward your greatness.

1. What is working right now? In the last year, what has made the biggest impact?

2. What is not working right now? What have you done that led only to frustration?

3. Pick one thing that you are really good at doing. How can you use that gift to move forward?

4. What is the best, most pratical opportunity you have right this second?

5. Is being 52 your biggest threat? If so, why do you think that? What small thing can you do today to get rid of that thinking?

6. Think back 10 years ago. Are your farther along or in the same place?

7. Are you doing what is most important today? How about tomorow? Are you doing the most important items on your list?

8. Is there one type of person that you can help? In return, how can that person benefit your goals? Maybe you are just one contact away from greatness?

9. Have you changed your plan over the years? If so, then why shouldn’t you make an adjustment today?

10. Make a list of all the people that would be disappointed if you quit.

His response six months later:

“Thanks for your encouragement. Things have turned around for me considerably. I’m close to getting my first film produced among many other great things that are going on!”

Every author can relate to the up’s and down’s of their career. But maybe if you ask the right questions, you can produce the best results. 

Ron Knight

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