Author Dream Team

Networking in the publishing industry is certainly a way to meet the right people who can propel your career to the next level. But if you are an Untraditional author and want to have more control over your career, I suggest forming a dream team. Your dream team should consist of four people: ~ You (Author) ~ Musician ~ Actor ~ Artist It would be best if the four of you are all on the same level. For example, all of you have … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes: Evolved Publishing

"UP Authors turns the spotlight on Evolved Publishing, an emerging alternative for authors!" Publishing Spotlight: Evolved Publishing It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find the right publisher. I want to introduce to you one of the up and coming small press publishers in the country. Let’s meet the management team at Evolved Publishing: Lane Diamond – Co-Founder, Managing Publisher/Editor, Author D.T. Conklin – Co-Founder, IT … [Read more...]

Are You UP for This Challenge?

UP Authors Fiction Challenge 3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road Sarasota, FL, 34234 941-799-9079 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 18th, 2013 UP Authors announces their first cash prize FICTION CHALLENGE!  Over the years, UP Authors had run several different types of contests to give authors every possibility to be promoted and win awards to show off to their fans. But now, UP Authors are raising it to another level by … [Read more...]

Top 15 Non-Fiction Books For Authors

These books cover several key areas for authors, including, confidence, inspiration, knowledge, self-discovery, experience, relationship marketing, and business thinking, which puts the author in a position to succeed while generating the opportunity to sell books.  You may have to go hunting for some of these books, but it’s worth it!  15. Everyday American English Expressions, by Richard A. Spears, Betty Birner, and Steve … [Read more...]

50 Tips for Untraditional Authors

You heard of traditional publishing and self-publishing. A third option has now emerged called, Untraditional Publishing, a process that opens doors of opportunities, while putting the author in control of their own career.  Every author has a different path to success. If that is true, then authors can look to others for examples, but must discover their own way to having a career. When an author attempts only the traditional publishing … [Read more...]