Author Horoscope: Taurus

If you're an author born between April 20th and May 21st, you are patient, with endless stamina and inner strength. However, being an author can be difficult for you, because of the uncertainty for success. When self-doubt enters your mind, you stay calm and rarely panic. Your books are soothing to the reader. In fact, readers enjoy your books because they can forget about their problems. The financial aspect of being an author and long … [Read more...]

Author Horoscope: Gemini

If you're an author born between May 22nd and June 21st, your curiosity and probing to life’s questions are what drive you forward. You have the talent to market yourself using social media with more success than most authors. The research for new plots and characters is what excites you the most. You are an avid reader and study just about any topic or theme. You have excellent communication skills to back your extensive research. Being a … [Read more...]

Author Horoscope: Scorpio

If you're an author with a birthday between October 23 and November 22nd, then you are intense, courageous, and have a shrilling imagination. You are a seeker of idealism and never write a story without giving it everything that you have. Your best characters are detectives, or stories that revolve around solving an investigative mystery. Your main characters have terrific gut instincts, ambition, and a strong urge to discover the truth, not … [Read more...]

Mixing Storytelling & Marketing

Imagine you’re writing a story about your best friend. For the moment, that story would be important to YOU and your best friend…no one else. You would write their name, birth date, where they were born, perhaps a little about the area they grew up, where they live now, and some basic things on why you are best friends with this person. At this point, you have an audience of two. The goal is to have an audience of 1 (excluding you and … [Read more...]

Best Books for Authors

Every author can succeed by reading books on marketing, business, and inspiration. Here’s a great list. Remember to keep a notepad so that you can personalize ideas to your author career. Marketing Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and Michael Larsen Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shane Gibson 12 Month Author Marketing Plan, by 9 Minute Books The Road to … [Read more...]