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A MCS BlogsWhen self-publishing arrived, it gave authors more control. However, authors didn’t realize that they were still in the publishing industry, which means, there’s a business that needs to be run.

Broken Rule Number One: Marketing for Free

The self-published author already spent time and money on their book. They certainly don’t have extra funds to spend on marketing. So the author needed to find a free marketing approach. This tactic became social media which is the biggest delusion for self-published authors.

I walked into a new snow cone store, which didn’t have a single customer other than me. I then heard the marketing person tell the owner, “Hey, we have 38 likes on Facebook in two weeks. That’s really good!”

I wanted to tap the marketing person on the shoulder and ask, “Wouldn’t it be more impressive to get 38 people into the store rather than focusing on social media likes?”

Every business on the planet knows that to sell a product you need to spend money on marketing, advertising, and promotion. Every traditional publisher has a marketing budget for each of their authors.

If self-published authors would budget $30-$60 a month for marketing, then increase that budget as book sales increase, they would build their career.

For more advice on this, visit 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.


Broken Rule Number Two: Authors have it easier than musicians, actors, and painters.

When self-publishing arrived, authors felt that their road to success would be much easier than the hardships that other creative people have to endure. Musicians, actors, and painters will work for free if necessary to move up the ladder of success until the point they are paid for their skills. They will do every gig possible and give up the extra things in life so that every penny is going toward building their craft.

Authors need to think the same way. However, it’s hard to convince authors that the road is long and difficult, but the rewards are amazing. Short cuts do exist, but that’s for the savvy author who learns from others while using the smartest approach.

For example, one of the fastest ways for any creative person to build a career is to get their work in front of people, even if you don’t charge in the beginning. Building loyal fans starts with a sacrifice. There’s no way around it.

Keys to Success

~ Budget time and money for READING. (Library is free.)

~ Budget time and money for WRITING. (Once you have a laptop, writing is free.)

~ Budget time and money for PUBLISHING. (Try to stick with a $500 budget if possible.)

~ Budget time and money for MARKETING. (A good rule is invest 3% of your current income on marketing.)

I hope that this information has brought you enough knowledge and wisdom to refocus your priorities to build a successful author career.

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