Book Sales Idea: Sales Rep

How do publishers sell books to stores? They use a sales rep. So how can an author sell more books? Use a sales rep! This will give you an instant boost with little effort on your part.

On the same day I hired a sales rep, she sold thirty of my books to a store. The great thing was I did not have to do anything!

The sales rep I found has several benefits.

~ She works in a local store. (Local stores are less hassle than big chains.)

~ She has connections to other stores. (Being in retail, you get to know others.)

~ She knows what should go on a Wholesale Ordering Form.

~ She is knowledgeable about pricing and what stores are looking for.

~ She handles the orders for the stores and turns in the orders to the publisher. (If you self-publish, then the sales rep will turn in the orders to you.)

~ She looks for other sales opportunities. (Community events, speaking engagements, book signings, etc…) Together, we decide which would be worth attending.

~ She is passionate about my books. (Very important!)

~ We have set goals on what we will sell in the future.

Finding a Sales Rep

~ Must have retail experience and connections.

~ Do not ask store managers.

~ Look for someone that does a little bit of everything in the store.

~ Employees at local stores will be the most willing to help and have the best chance to succeed, rather than discussing this with someone that works at Target.

~ He/She must enjoy your books. If they do not know you, then share your books with them.

~ He/She must be friendly and not have a hint of shyness.

~ Stalking local stores is the best way to hunt down a potential sales rep. However, be careful, because you do not want to look like…um…a stalker.

~ Split your royalty/earnings with the rep. If he/she does not sell any books, then neither of you earn any money.

Give your sales rep the best chance to succeed.

Supply your rep with the following:

~ Business Card

~ A One Sheet (For each book you are selling)

~ Price Lists

~ Media Kit (For each book)

~ Book Samples

~ Data Base to keep track of store contacts

~ Detailed Knowledge of books/products

Your search for the perfect sales rep can be difficult, but I assure you, it is wonderful to have someone out there selling your books while you spend time writing…

Ron Knight

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