Best Title, Clara Brown Interview

Best TitleUP and coming author Clara Brown won BEST TITE in the UP Authors Contest with, Blood Sport and Black Stilettos

UP: Where did you get the idea for your title? 

Clara: Since I’ve decided to write a novel centered on beauty pageants, I wanted to focus on their competitive nature. I felt the words Blood Sport truly captured the idea I was looking for. I brought Black Stilettos into the title because I wanted something more unique and feminine. 

UP: You are still working on the manuscript, correct? How far along are you? 

Clara: I have been working on the story line and character development for a year. I feel it’s a story that just needs to be written. When I kept hearing about other authors writing up to 10,000 words a day, I became frustrated with myself because I have only one finished chapter.

When I was conveying my frustration to my husband, he took me by the hand and told me a story about one of the greatest artists to have ever lived. He told me that when Michelangelo would get ready to carve a sculpture, he would sit and stare at a block of solid marble for months. He believed the inner soul of the marble would reveal itself to him and that it was his job to bring it out. Not only did my husband make me feel better about my slow process, but he explained to me that all true artists believe that a work of art has its own destiny and needs to be created. “It’s not done until it’s done.”  

UP: Tell us about the book. 

Clara: I will leave you with my one sentence hook: Nineteen year old Paisley Yankelovich, enters a beauty pageant only to learn that someone or something is hunting her.   

UP: You write dark literature. Give an example of what that means. 

Clara: Dark literature is a sub-genre. It can contain horror, dark romance, or both. Edgar Allen Poe’s work is an example of dark romanticism. To me, dark literature helps us appreciate the light, it is the macabre beauty, the sinister dance of dreams, and festers the reader’s imagination. 

UP: Authors really need support when just starting out. Tell us about your family and friends. 

Clara: My family and friends have been overwhelmingly supportive. I have to say that my husband has been one of my biggest supporters. I have received two journals as gifts: one from my sister and the other from my mother-in-law. I have also found a Facebook support system of other authors and writers like myself.

 UP: What isWiesbaden,Germanylike compared toKingman,Arizona? 

Clara: They might as well be two different planets. Kingman is a small, dusty settlement in northernArizona. Route 66 runs right through the middle of the town, and that stretch of road was actually namedAndy Devine Avenueafter a famous actor in the 1930’s. Every spring, they also have the Fun Run which is a parade of hundreds of classic cars that ride through on Route 66. 

WiesbadenGermanyis lush and green and has thousands of years of history. You have everything from farmlands to dense city population.Wiesbadenis one of the oldest spa towns inEuropeand its name translates to “meadow bath.” The people here are wonderful. Every time I go out in public with my seven-month old son, he is a magnet for the old German ladies. They line up to see him. People here also treat their pets as well as they treat their children. You can literally bring your dog anywhere from high end department stores to restaurants. When I leaveGermany, the biggest thing I will miss is the food and hearing the church bells on Sunday morning echoing through the town. 

UP: What are your goals in the next four months? 

Clara: I want to fully concentrate on reading and writing. I also have been saving my money for a day when I can quit the banking industry to pursue a career as a full time author. 

UP: Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

 Clara: I see myself publishing my first novel, and having a footprint in the beauty pageant community. With the success of my first novel, I will also be working on my second and third. In ten years, I want to expand my target audience and write horror novels that go above and beyond the realms of the beauty and fashion industry.

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