Becoming a Rich Author

Do you understand the difficulty it is for actors to make millions of dollars? How about the difficulty of trying to become an NFL player? A CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Or the difficulty of earning millions as an author?

Sure, it will be challenging. That’s why only 2% of authors have comfortable careers and less than 1% are millionaires. Do you want to become part of the elite?

Here is your path. I must warn you, it will seem impossible. (That is, until you decide there is nothing that will get in the way of your dreams.)

Be Everywhere. 

Write 250-word blogs, seven times a week, with topics that help others, especially your target audience. Make five posts a day on as many social media sites as possible. (All posts should concentrate on your audience.) Create a video on YouTube that benefits your target audience. Post the link on your website, blogs, and social media. Create an eNewsletter that benefits your target audience. Schedule as many speaking engagements as possible, with topics that benefit the audience. Go to every networking meeting. Attend events related to your genre.

Let the world see your passion and energy.

Benefit: To succeed in the above plan, you will have to do constant research on your topics, which will transform you into an expert in your genre, along with developing your skills as an author.

Spend Time, Not Money

Traditional publishing houses spend $1,000 to $50,000, investing the funds to promote each author. But these days, relationship building is more important than advertising or public relation campaigns. So now, authors are investing time, which is proving to be more valuable and successful.

Benefit: You will discover untraditional ways of succeeding.

Be Nice

There is a dark side of the publishing world that is full of strong opinions, rejection, rotten attitudes, and blame-games. Since you are an author, you are part of that world. However, you do not have to participate in the ugliness. No matter what, you should be nice.

Benefit: Nice authors earn more money than grouchy authors do.

See It

See the dream before it happens. The roadmap won’t be clear, but your vision will be crystal clear.

Benefit: The best way to overcome obstacles is to look past the obstacles.

Be Confident

Sometimes I tell authors how to stay confident. But in reality, only you can be certain of your talents, gifts, and ideas. Ask yourself this question, “Why is this important?” In fact, ask yourself that question with every decision you make.

Benefit: Confident authors smile and even laugh at rejection, or bad news. (Seriously, they smile or laugh. It’s a wonderful feeling to be that secure in your talent.)

Here are some more tips that will help you become a rich author:

~ Learn something new everyday. This helps with your writing and increases your value to others.

~ You need a great team. It’s start with your family and friends. Later, your team may be a literary agency, or a publisher, or a marketing agency, or a network of authors, or a group that is similar to your genre of writing. Bring value to your team and they will bring value to you.

~ Everything has to look fantastic. This includes your writing, your book covers, your website, your Facebook profile, your blogs, your photo, your attitude, the way you dress, bookmarks, your flyers… (Well, you get the point.)

~ Always head towards your biggest reward. What is the best way to reach ten million readers? A better question is, “Who can you partner with to reach ten million readers?” Is it a professional marketing agency? A top six publisher? Target? Always think about where you are headed and what you need accomplished to arrive at that destination.

~ Take a few risks. I cannot tell you what those risks are, but I know a few of those risks will launch you to stardom.

~ Become a brand. This includes all your identifying marks: your writing style, your philosophy, your approach, and your gift to others. It’s a way for people to take one glance in your direction and know exactly who you are.

~ Seven days a week. Place value on every minute of the day. When will you read? When will you write? When will your work on this plan? Also, place value on creating ideas. Place value on your family. Place value on when you sleep. Place value on your health. Place value on your spirit. Everything is connected when you are an author.

~ Say no. You will begin to lose friends as you plunge into your author career. Some of your friends won’t understand your dream, so they fade away. Your time is limited. You need to do the most important things each day. That means saying “no” to going out partying, or saying “no” to that dinner invitation, or saying “no” to that daily Starbucks visit.

~ Reach beyond your comfort zone. Do not ever think you are limited to one genre, or one book series, or limited to just fiction. The more you learn and the more you stretch your gift, the more rewards will come your way.

~ Always have a plan. Think about what you will do tomorrow. Then think about what you will do in the next month. The next four months. The next year. The next five years. Of course your plans will change, but you still need a roadmap to head in a certain direction.

~ Study the changing world: Markets, technology, publishing industry trends, reader trends, etc…

~ Watch the experts. If James Patterson and John Grisham suddenly switch gears and release a book series for tweens, then you know what is hot in the market. Look in the bookstore and gaze at the shelves. What do you see?

~ Exhaust all possibilities. After trying everything, you will become limited to which way you should go. Look at those limited options as useful. With no other ways to go, how can you go wrong?

~ You can never know enough. The more you know, the more value you are to others. The more value you are to others, the opportunities you will have. The more opportunities you have, the more money you will make.

A perfect way to fail is to say things like, “I don’t have time for this.” Or, “How can I do all that and still write books?”

I’m going to stop, because this blog is 1,176 words long and it should have been 250 words. My suggestion is for you to roll up your sleeves and get started.

Ron Knight


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  1. Donna Lee Comer says:

    Hi Ron. Thank you so much for your blogs. It helps us that are learning to see encouragement from others. I read a lot of info each day and I get an uplift from yours. I’m not sure where I will go with my books, but the experience of having finished three is a sense of accomplishment. Thanks again for taking the time to care about us little guys out here.