Be in a Position to Succeed

Authors that place themselves in a position to succeed will increase their odds over authors that measure success by the amount of books they sell.

Here is an example of what I mean. Let’s say there is a room with a thousand literary agents, publishers, and readers. On the outside of that room are authors selling books.

Another author had been invited, but does not have a table for this event to sell books. Instead, the author is simply one of the many guests.

Who is in a better position? The authors selling books at the event? Or the author that has the opportunity to mingle with a thousand literary agents, publishers, and readers?

Think about the authors selling books at the tables. About 25% of the guests will not even walk by the tables. Instead, they decided to network with others in the room.

25% of the guests will walk by the tables, but just for curiosity.

25% of the guests will stop at each table and look over the books, but not make a single purchase.

And the final 25% will purchase books, but that percentage is divided between all the authors selling books. For example, if there are 25 authors with tables and 25% of the guests purchase books evenly between those authors, then each author will sell about 10 books. (More realistically, some authors will sell 20 books, while others will sell none.)

Meanwhile, the author mingling with the thousand guests has a chance to network with literary agents, publishers, and potential readers. The author is not at the event to sell 10 books. The author is there to put themselves in a position to sell thousands, even millions of books in the future.

Now think about the grand scheme of things. Your life can change with one hit novel. One great idea. One terrific plan. One influential contact. One group of readers. One persuasive marketing campaign.

One opportunity.

You need to keep moving so you can understand what it takes to achieve that hit novel and to discover that great idea, terrific plan, influential contact, and group of readers. Learn how to create that persuasive marketing campaign. Generate that perfect opportunity.

Or even better, combine twenty novels, with fifty great ideas, with a hundred great plans, with thousands of contacts, and millions of readers, while putting all those together to create an unlimited number of opportunities.

Authors that are stuck on the outside of the room, will remain on the outside. Their ability to meet others is limited to whoever will show up at their table and demonstrate interest. Sure, those authors have a chance to speak with people, but there are so many other opportunities inside the room.

Authors that are on the inside, mingling, networking, and moving about the room, are in the best position to succeed.

Ron Knight

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