Nancy Dulin


Renate’s Journey first emerged from a small portable typewriter over fifty years ago when Nancy Dulin returned to the United States after a four year stay in a soundly defeated Germany. Despite critical praise, the consensus was that the reading public was just not ready for a novel with enemy protagonist. Reluctantly, the book was abandoned and largely forgotten. There followed a marriage, a growing family, years of following a military man around the world, an advanced degree during a stabilized tour in South Carolina, and finally a career of her own in the overseas school system.Retirement to Florida came in 1994 and with it the delivery of an accumulation of boxes from a long-term storage facility in Bayonne, New Jersey. At the bottom of one of those boxes was the original Renate’s Journey. The fragile pages were copied into a newly purchased computer and, while retaining the excitements of a twenty-something, gained the insights of a long life


Renate’s Journey

Renate Weiss is running for her life. War’s end has caught her in north-east Germany, deep in territory threatened by the Russian armies and home is near Heidelberg, hundreds of miles to the south and west. She meets Anna, and then, as the two women cross the Harz Mountains, Günther, a German soldier who has been separated from his unit. Together, the three young people make their way foward, learning as weeks and months pass, the irreversible impact of unconditional surrender. Employment is scarce to nonexistent. Food is bought by barter. Their currency is inflated beyond anything but mandatory usage and American cigarettes have become the accepted medium of exchange. Old values are illegal yet the United States occupies Germany with a segregated army . . .

ISBN: 978-1934246801
Paperback: 224 Pages
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