Authors: Take a look at yourself…

I am going to share your last five posts on Facebook with thousands of readers, along with literary agents and publishers. Would that be okay with you? Take a look at the last five things you posted. While you are at it, look at the last month. What kind of author do you see?

Now, look at your comments and posts on Facebook and Twitter from the point of view of your readers and ask three questions:

“Can I relate to this author’s comments, posts, and Tweets?”

“Is the author helping me with their comments, posts, and Tweets?”

“Would I forward the comments, posts, and Tweets of this author?”

Now put back on your author hat and ask these questions:

“Am I using social media to get my name out there? Do my posts reflect that goal?”

“If a literary agent or publisher looked at my posts over the last two months, would they be impressed with my content?”

“Am I mixing my personal life with my author career goals?”

“Do my opinions give me a decent chance at gaining more readers?”

“When I have a bad day, do I keep it to myself, or do I post it for others to see?”

There are many authors that make daily posts and Tweets, but you would never know they were an author unless you went to their profile page. Here are my suggested social media rules for authors:

~ Everything posted, should relate to your target audience.

~ Everything posted, should interest or help your target audience.

~ Everything posted, should have a chance to be forwarded by others.

~ Stay professional at all times, as if literary agents and publishers are watching you.

~ Do not get personal in social media. (Example: Have your author Facebook account and your personal Facebook account. Keep the two separate when it comes to content.)

~ Keep your personal opinions to yourself, unless your opinions are related to your books, or would interest/help your target audience.

~ If you have a bad day, your readers should not know. In their eyes, you should always be doing well.

You are an author, which means, your content is magnified a thousand percent. Stay professional at all times and remember that others are watching.

Ron Knight

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