Authors Should Use a Whiteboard

Every three or four months, I sit in a conference room with my trusted business partners and we write everything that I am doing as an author on the whiteboard. This includes every book, every program, every social media site, every publishing contact, everything that is on my website, and every idea that I have. When I first started doing this, there wasn’t much to write down. But over the years, the whiteboard has begun to overflow. In our last meeting, we used two whiteboards.

What is the point of doing this? I can describe it with one word….Ideas.

After every thought is written down, we gaze at the whiteboard. Then, something magical happens. A path for the next four months appears that we need to focus on.

Here are just some benefits of this process: 

~ You will examine your current situation and analyze what is working and what is not working.

~ You will notice a pattern. It could be a pattern of failure or a pattern of success. Either way, it will be a reality check that will help you make decisions in the future.

~ You will discover your strengths and weaknesses.

~ You will notice a few missed opportunities, while thinking of new opportunities.

~ Warning signs and your greatest threat will be like a flashing red light.

~ Most importantly, you will have a self-discovery that motivates you to stretch forward with every resource, gift, and talent in your arsenal, while generating new ideas.

The whiteboard will speak to you with terrifying honesty. However, that is exactly what you need as an author. There may be something on the left side of the whiteboard that you can match with the right side, which will create a new opportunity. Or, you may be able to add something to one small thing that you have, while tweaking a couple other ideas.

Try doing this just once. Write down everything that you have and everything that you have tried. Make sure your entire author career is exposed. Then, clear your mind and stare at the board.

Remember that one small idea can turn into a huge opportunity for you. The whiteboard will lead you down the correct path and propel your author career to greatness.

Ron Knight

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