Authors should be thankful for…

I hear all the time that new authors have a tougher road compared to authors in the seventies and eighties. That could not be farther from the truth. In fact, new authors-along with up and coming authors and existing authors-should have plenty to be thankful for.

Authors should be thankful for email. (Along with the Internet!)

I remember the days when submissions were all paper. Not only that, there was much more an author had to send in compared to nowadays. It used to be that authors had to write up and print a query letter, synopsis, chapter outline, along with three chapters in the beginning, three chapters in the middle, and three chapters in the end of your manuscript. All that would be shipped to the agent or publisher with return postage.

Now, authors can copy/paste their submissions in an email, which literary agents and publishers prefer. Also, it is rare for an agent or publisher to ask for a chapter outline, or more than your first chapter. All of this saves time and money.

Authors should be thankful for social media.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to build contacts and be noticed was at expensive writing conferences. Social Media has sped up the process of building contacts, building fans, and building sales. The only cost is your time, not your money.

Authors should be thankful for opportunities.

Traditional publishing or self-publishing? Why not both?

eBooks or print? Why not both?

Website or bookmarks? Why not both?

Blogs or newsletter? Why not both?

Attending writing conferences or network using fan pages? Why not both?

Internet marketing campaign or paper marketing campaign? Why not both?

Facebook or Twitter? Why not both?

I could go on and on. The point is, authors these days have opportunities that authors in the past could not even dream of.

Your odds of success or failure are based on HOW you proceed with those abundant opportunities.

Ron Knight

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  1. I guess I’m old then, because I remember those days, when it would cost me a month’s salary to post my double spaced (wide margined) printed manuscript to publishers. (I do not miss those days, at all)