Authors: Make this First Key Step!

Blog Photo 10Henry Ford said, “The biggest goal can be accomplished if you just break it down into enough small steps.”

Most authors have the same goals: To make a nice living selling their stories. The difference between authors who achieve that goal and authors who don’t, is taking the first significant step, then the second, third, and so on.

It may take you 3,000 steps for you to become a wealthy author. With each step, you’ll certainly become tired, but your legs will become stronger and your endurance will increase.

As a self-published author, you have the choice if you’re earning money each month while increasing your profits year after year.

Let me say that again…it’s your choice.

The top 1% of authors control at least 30% of the market. Before self-publishing, the top 1% of authors controlled 90% of the market. There’s room for self-published authors to become wealthy.

How did those authors propel to the top 1% where there’s millions of dollars? They started off at the bottom, running up each step, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Those authors decided to do something different with their time. That meant less time with friends, less time with television, and less time doing things that didn’t involve their author career.

Every minute of the day has value. What did you do today with your precious minutes to help your author career?

Stephen King, James Patterson, and J.K. Rowling aren’t better than you. They simply decided to do something different, which was taking steps to become successful like the many other authors throughout history.

Today you can read a marketing book, or a biography of someone famous, take notes, and apply those ideas to your career.

Or, you can fail to read and take notes, avoiding a step today.

You’re an author. If I knew nothing else about you, it would be enough. This means you were born to write stories and make a living by selling those stories.

Take a step today. In fact, take many steps!

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