AUTHORS: How do you become famous?

Blog Photo 6Right now you probably lack many things including time, money, and opportunities. Remember this key point: “Imagination is the one thing that will make up for everything you lack.”

This means your powerful imagination will ignite during the reading of this blog and success will follow!

To stimulate your imagination and increase amazing ideas to help your author career, read on!

Top 20 Percent

Before you spend another day as an author, you must envision yourself in the top 20% of your genre. Whether you write romance, thrillers, or non-fiction, you must have a goal to reach the top 20%, because that’s where you become famous and wealthy so that you can continue writing more books.

The best way to arrive at that point is increasing knowledge and wisdom along with improving your writing and marketing skills.

There are four ways to gain knowledge and wisdom:

  1. Read business/marketing books just 9 minutes a day while taking notes.
  2. Watch at least one motivational video of successful people. It doesn’t matter what field they are in, because you’ll soon discover similarities in their path to success. (Take notes!)
  3. Read a magazine at least 9 minutes a day. Since you have an amazing imagination, ideas for stories and selling those stories will increase, especially if you read a variety of magazines. (Take notes!)
  4. Most importantly, read anything for fun. This will increase your speed in reading, along with giving you unique ideas for writing and selling books. (Keep a notepad by your side just in case!)12 Month Author Marketing Plan

The more knowledge, skill, and wisdom you have, the more value you are to others. Also, the more unique ideas you have, the more you’ll pull away from the thousands of other authors writing in your genre, propelling you to the top 20%!

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