Authors: Fast Forward 10 Years!

Blog Photo 8The best way to fast forward 10 years of hard work, avoid making mistakes, and gain much needed experience is to understand the skills and process of those who already achieved success.

Keep in mind that millionaire authors weren’t lucky and they aren’t more talented than you. Most likely they spent at least 10 years gaining skills and experience, but you can shortcut the process.

A self-made billionaire named H.L. Hunt had three key ingredients for success:

Step One: Decide exactly what it is you want in life.

Step Two: Decide what price you’re willing to pay in order to achieve that goal.

Step Three: (Most important) Pay that price.

Let’s personalize your goals!

“I want to become a famous author and continue writing stories, selling to millions of people.”

“I will learn whatever it takes to become a famous author.”

“I’m willing to put in the work to understand how to achieve that goal.”

You could spend 10 years of going on your own, or you can learn from expert authors, along with experts in publishing, business, marketing, and product sales.

If you’re stuck in a rut, then you must become something different and approach your author career in different ways.

Your goal is to achieve skill and wisdom in which you currently don’t possess.

To fast forward 10 years, you must have a discipline that you haven’t used up to this point. You must develop more self-confidence, more respect for your talent, and more pride in what you are and where you’re going.

Everything you need is in libraries and bookstores. 80% of authors actually do not read books on a regular basis and never improve, which sabotages their career.

Focus on you’re reading and remember to take NOTES!

Fiction Books: You’re reading different ways to tell a story.

Business Books: You’re reading how to build success.

Marketing Books: You’re reading how to reach a certain audience.

Sales Books: You’re reading how to sell a product.

Inspiration Books: You’re reading how to stay motivated during humbling moments.

For a list of terrific books, check out Best Books for Authors.

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