Authors: Ask This Question!

A MCS BLOG 14I won’t keep you in suspense, which technically is what a good author should do. Instead I’m going to give you the most important question any author should ask:

“What is something that no one else is doing?”

There can be several different answers to that question which will provide you a future you’ve never dreamed of before. Take a moment and use your powerful imagination.

Based on that, answer these questions:

“What is something that no one else is doing in publishing?”

You see a trend in eBooks, so everyone is doing that, which by the way, is failing for most authors. But what aren’t you seeing? Example: What if you published printed mini-versions of your books? This would return to the concept of how the mystery book and sci-fi era began.

Do you think readers would pay $3.00 for your mini-book and then purchase the rest of the mini-book series? Would you sell more books that way and make more money? What other ideas can you come up with concerning publishing?

“What is something that no one else is doing in marketing?”

Everyone is doing social media, but that isn’t working for businesses or authors. So what should everyone be doing?

Wrigley was told not to advertise his gum on billboards, because no one was doing that. So Wrigley made the bold decision to advertise his gum on billboards all over the city. The result was that since no one else was doing that, people only saw advertisements for Wrigley Gum and his business exceled because he went his own way.

How many billboards do you see that promote authors?

“What is something that no one else is doing in writing?”

Do you ever see books that have a few chapters that are only one-word? Is that wrong? Or by using a couple of one-word chapters, would you have a unique book?

“What is something that no one else is doing in branding their author name?”

Charles Dickens began holding events where he would act out his characters. Do you know any local theatre actors that would jump at a chance to act out your first chapter to large groups of people?

I don’t know what kind of books you write, so it’s difficult for me to come up with ideas for you. Also, if I’m coming up with the ideas, then it would lose the unique touch that you have to offer.

Be different.

Be bold.

Be unique.

Be Untraditional.

What could you do that no one else is doing right now?

Ron Knight


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